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Monthly Archives: January 2021

Merri-Makers released from Cruz-Bay lease

In Tuesday night’s Resolutions

Tuesday Night’s Agenda for February 2, 2021 Council Meeting


Here is that Hines/Campbell Complaint


Belmar Pursues Digital Transformation

$350,000 missing?

  Our Mayor and finance team have discovered that $350,000 was bonded for in 2015 to have the water tower painted. It now seems that the money went somewhere else. Start listening to my meeting video at minute 19.  

Council Meeting of January 19, 2021

The Environmental Report  

Tonight’s Agenda for upcoming meeting on January 19, 2021

Bond Ordinance 2021-02 Resolution 2021-41 Resolution 2021-43 Resolution 2021-42additional” Resolution 2021-42 Resolution 2021-44

Dave posted a message on his blog in November saying the he would soon be focusing less on Belmar issues. Here is a link to that post. Common Sense For New Hampshire › Metamorphosis ( My name is Sandra Caputo, friends call me Sandy. Most of you know me. I have been recording Council meetings […]