1. The ZBA denied Verizon’s application to install cell equipment on private property … undermining any Belmar attempt to keep cell equipment out of the public right of way.
    Yep … Mamalukes would have gotten about $1000 a month rent and pay increased property taxes & mercantile fees …
    When Verizon puts the equipment in the streets … Belmar gets $0.

  2. Eugene seems to be in favor of the application Verizon presented. He must like the way the Mayfair looks as well. Must have 10 antennas on that place now. The public poles are coming regardless of whether Mamalukes was approved or not based on the discussion last night.

  3. Alcatraz looked pretty good out there on that island, but it did not work out so well. Wide analogy, but somewhat appropriate.

  4. Besides fulfilling all of Belmar’s wireless communications needs for 25+ years, the Mayfair rooftop hosts the largest solar renewable energy array in town … both are societal benefits.

    Regarding inevitable cell street poles … NOT TRUE … Manhattan has robust 5G coverage without poles … Belmar already has small cell rooftop antennas at the 600 and 900 block on Main Street

  5. Eugene is brilliant, so now you have yet another problem with those of us with functioning brains?

  6. #5. Comparing Belmar to Manhattan is brilliant? Wow. That’s the last place I would want To compare to Belmar.

  7. Manhattan is the epitome of urbanization … where Belmar is quickly heading.

    Actually, it is more difficult finding a parking space in Belmar on a sunny day then it is in Manhattan

  8. Got to agree with Eugene, especially about the parking. Was over by the Belmar Arts Council yesterday, so many spots are no longer free. Plus, we gave away the 10th Ave lots to the 4 story apt building developer. That was the main source of parking for the downtown area. What a scam.

  9. Things are going to get “worse” if Biden’s proposal to federalize zoning, limiting the building of single family homes to make room for low income housing, in other words, diminishing the suburbs, becomes a reality. There has to be some place for all those undocumented people crossing the southern border. Forget about quaint little towns, there is going to be “equity” in housing. Urbanization across the board is coming if local governments cannot be in control of zoning.

  10. I reckon the myriad of motor vehicles parked in the Plaza lot from early morning through late night has been a phenomenon for at least 10 years. Venture to say Brandl controls that Plaza. Remember he had the ahem nerve to put his dining set ups on the PUBLIC boards/beach and the crap lemon took up boardwalk space too? Nerve and lack of oversight prevailed back then.

  11. Parking, all the illegally parked cars are now at the Belmar arts center parking lot. Why are certain Belmar businesses given free parking in a taxpayers parking lot? What is with the crab trailer, did the town repo it?

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