1. I would prefer the new condominium proposal any day over the existing Belmar Inn and its shady clientele.

  2. That’s bs. Belmar Inn is a very specific case grandfathered in on the newest zoning map. Way back. The zoning board is made up of independent residents just like you who dedicate hours and hours of their time hearing each and every application before them. If you want to be appointed to any of the independent boards approach the town and ask to be placed the next time a vacancy arises.
    And the 9th Ave project is under redevelopment not regular development that was approved way back in 16 with a much worse blue print than is presently being built. And it is NOT in a residential zone.
    Each application IS individual and should be looked at that way. I give nothing but kudos to the residents who spend so much of their time patiently listening to each case even when I don’t necessarily agree with their decision.

  3. Do these online petitions even have any muscle behind them? You can’t verify they are residents of Belmar? I think I saw someone signed from Nebraska.

  4. Think back to high school Student Council election season.
    I will give you this, I will give you that chick in every proverbial pot.
    We will fix this school, we will fire the bossy teachers and hire cool dudes only.
    Rah, rah, rah.
    Business experience is Primary in 2022+

  5. I understand there are strict rules governing a petition which is why I asked the question. There is no validation of the name on the online petition is from a tax paying Belmar citizen. This is exactly my point.

  6. #6 If this was an official petition (it’s not),the names are verified before it gets certified. This appears to be just an online petition to wake up the town leaders to the desires of some of our citizens. What exactly is your concern? You think the mayor and council will just see a list of names and reverse their stance on over development? I wouldn’t worry too much about that. I would, however, read some of the comments if I were you. As a tax paying Belmar citizen you may actually agree with some of your fellow tax paying citizens.

  7. So in all sincerity, what is the answer? Who should be in these boards? Where do the volunteer members come from? Are you willing to go and try to be a zoning or planning board member? Put your name on the dotted line for your fellow residents to constantly malign and ridicule? How do you know how the final vote will go for the Belmar Inn? Most of the zoning board members are from the past administration I believe. Does that change anything for you? After all our former mayor got up and said he approves the project. Does that mean all the zoning members who have been on since then are in cahoots with our former mayor?
    And 9th Ave also was approved under former mayor. Much more intrusive then is now being built. Right up against residential property. So what does the current admin do? They sent it back to planning and reworked it, more then once.
    I don’t know the answer to any of these questions nor I’d say do you. Seems like most times these situations never come out with everyone happy. You can drive all over town and see houses built on strange lots or additions that look like they don’t belong. But over all I see the town looking very improved in the many years I’ve lived here starting way back with Mayor Pringle Even the weirdly huge modern looking apt building on 10th doesn’t bother me anymore. Sorry if that offends people.

  8. Belmar’s 12th & Ocean block reminds me of trips along the highway to Trenton, dereliction, perpetual poverty and neglect. Can’t imagine why that hotel is perceived as the lessor of the evil.

  9. My husband was an architect who designed the Korean Memorial in town and applied to be on the planning board and was rejected because of his politics so I believe it is who you know that is important. #2, if the Belmar Inn was treated like the rentals animal house laws the Inn would have been closed a long time ago. Mr Resident, let’s put the monster across from your home. Have a good day.

  10. The belmar inn is a commercial hotel rooming house it doesn’t fall into the ordinance of the animal house. The animal house is for seasonal rentals only, people now after having to pay bonds to the Boro simply turn their seasonal into a year round and Poof! no bond needed.

    You are also the one that has asked and begged Mayor and Council to do something about the Belmar Inn for years and years and years.

    And there is no application to the planning board or zoning board you are appointed.

  11. #12. Wouldn’t need ‘animal house’ laws to hurt the Belmar Inn. Just your basic code enforcement would do the trick. The town is too lazy. That ridiculous thing the developer wants to build on 12th is the path of least resistance for an administration that thrives on little to no resistance.

  12. #8 I am not sure if you are purposefully trying to deflect blame or just misinformed about the 9th ave development. I will assume the second and explain.

    The whole main street portion of that block (from Taylor to the bank) was indeed declared an area in need of redevelopment under the last administration/mayor. But it was under THIS MAYOR that the bank was singled out to get special treatment. It was under this mayor that the developer’s plan was rejected by the planning board for being inconsistent with the master plan. It was under this mayor that the council overruled the planning board and allowed the development to go ahead anyway.

    And don’t get me wrong, I am no supporter of the last mayor. There were overdevelopment problems with the last administration too. The reason I am so frustrated is because the current mayor actively campaigned against overdevelopment and then as soon as they got in office did a complete 360 and became even worse than the prior administration. I feel like I was bamboozled, and I think a lot of other residents do also.

    I know what the answer is: FOLLOW THE RULES AND STOP CREATING EXCEPTIONS. We have zoning ordinances, we have a seaport redevelopment plan. FOLLOW THEM. If they need to be changed because priorities change, then lets do it as a community, with input from the community, TO BENEFIT THE COMMUNITY. Not create special rules that apply to a single instance, every time a developer asks. It is like trying to play a game with my nephew, he always changes the rules to benefit himself in the middle of play. I think most children do that. But it is supposed to end when we reach adulthood.

  13. Isn’t the Belmar Inn a Multifamily Hotel that falls under the auspices of the State of New Jersey BoCa code Annual Inspections? If so isn’t it true that Belmar Code Enforcement cannot protect occupants of neighbors? The STATE OF NJ Is in charge, right? Is there a limited length of occupancy for guests to remain in that ?hotel? What happens to the children and babies who have schooling needs? Did the hotel/State provide Computers for the children to use during COVID19 LOCKDOWN. Very troubled by obvious neglect of the down trodden in our backyards.

  14. #14 – I would bet that a very large number of properties in this town are non conforming in some way. I would argue maybe as many as 75%. You’re right, we have zoning ordinances. And there is a board that allows for exceptions to those on a case by case basis. If the town were to FOLLOW them to the letter then the majority of the properties in this town would not be able to improve their properties and would be out of luck. Perhaps your own property. Or did you mean to say follow some of them. Or better yet only the rules that you like.

  15. #17 um what? I never mentioned zoning ordinances. I said we don’t need ‘animal house’ laws to go after the BI. They are probably guilty of dozens of code violations on any given day. If the town would enforce them, the BI would be forced to make a choice. Clean up their act, or sell the building for fair market price. And if you’re confused about what constitutes fair market price, I’ll explain. It is the price that the property is worth. A price where the buyer doesn’t have to get approval for 37 variances in order to make a profit. If the buyer needs to get approval for a couple of dozen condos on a couple residential lots in order to make a profit, he’s paying more than the property is worth. Period. And if the argument that ‘it’s better than what is there’ is true, then I’m gonna start renting rooms to shady characters and letting my house and property go to pot. Maybe my neighbors will be so upset with me that I’ll get way more than my house is worth. Brilliant.

  16. What part of STATE OF NJ inspections don’t you get? Call the police when dangers are at hand.

  17. #19 who are you talking to and what are you saying? ‘Dangers at hand’? What does that even mean? We’re talking about code violations. Back in the day, when this town was controlled by the bennys, the animal houses were literally everywhere. The town started having, then code enforcer, Pat McMahon with a police officer drive around early Sunday morning (when the rowdies were at their most vulnerable) and bust them for code violations. It worked like a charm. After a while the absentee landlords would put up the white flag and sell the property. This was success through simple law enforcement. A by-product was soaring property values. The Belmar Inn needs to receive the same exact treatment. There are codes being violated, I would bet a great deal of money on that. Surprise visits by code enforcement will drive them to either clean up their act (clearly not in their interest) or sell the building at a reasonable price. A price that doesn’t require a giant, 24 unit complex. What part of this simple, effective, and legal tactic don’t YOU get?

  18. #8 and #9

    Meanwhile Greg Kapalko proposed a building on the corner of Main Street and 6th Avenue that met or exceeded ALL the zoning regulations placed upon that lot. The very definition of following the law and being a responsible developer.
    The 12th Avenue Project to replace The Belmar Inn however is another story altogether and has been tying up lawyers and man hours for years. You should be asking yourselves “why?” and following the money like others have been.

  19. #3

    You should be interested to know the sponsors of the petition are from opposite sides of the political aisle. That says a lot about this administration and the fact that the majority of residents aren’t being heard on this issue.
    This is what happens when you put ex-cops in charge of everything who are used to being the “law” and having the last word and authority their entire careers. There’s rarely any negotiation. It’s simply their way or the highway and as another stated, they are for big development when they campaigned on just the opposite. Then the almighty dollar took hold of their morals.

  20. The Road to Achievement is never an easy one to trod. Some do it daily, one foot in front of the other, slowly but surely, following the guidelines, set down by, some would say, brighter minds trying to make their sliver of the world a little better for all of us. Thankless often but rewarding spirituality nonetheless.

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