1. “The Congo produced 74% of the world’s mined Cobalt last year while the next-biggest single producer, Australia, was responsible for just 3%.” That is what’s called a national security crisis for The ‘Free’ World and that’s why they’re looking to the oceans to find deposits to ‘free’ us all from this crisis.
    It’s an “out of sight, out of mind” proposition for The Globalists to make more money with less hassle if they do it in our world’s oceans. There is hardly anyone to report on things offshore and “nothing to see (t)here”, unlike the regions of the Earth such as vast parts of the Argentinian landscape that are blighted from gaping wounds of colored, polluted pools in places where Lithium is mined.
    The Green Energy agenda is a blight on the world. The amount of temperature change caused by The Sun as well as the seismic activity and weather drama worldwide is at an all-time high now because of the shrinking of the Earth’s geomagnetic field and the increase of solar flare and coronal mass ejection activity in the past thirty years. It’s only going to become more dramatic in the next few years as we enter the next eleven year solar cycle. When the Aurora Borealis begins to regularly appear in our skies here over New Jersey in the coming years because of the Earth’s shield continuing to wane, then people will begin to understand and finally believe why nothing we do currently will hold back the 1.5 degree increase that’s critical for controlling sea level rise.
    Meanwhile here in Belmar we are one of only three municipalities along The Jersey Shore that is still without protective dunes or a seawall. Currently our Borough Planner is headquartered in Wildwood which happens to be another duneless seaside place so we may be hard pressed to see protection arise during this current administration from the next epic storm. I mean, who would want to rob “D’Jais” of their view or make a few of the loud, selfish, and truly ignorant wealthy on Ocean Avenue have to walk up to their second floor to see the North Atlantic at the risk of almost the entire east side of our town?
    For these reasons and many, many more at every level of government, the two-party system is a failure and an accelerator towards the WEF’s “Great Reset”. While we’re divided and distracted, they conquer. Belmar is simply a microcosm of it all. Democrats and Republicans arguing over whale deaths instead of getting together and attempting to make the oceans sacred ground. We surely all know by now those oceans are indeed the fragile lifeblood of our planet as well as one of the main factors of our very existence as a species in these unsettling times.

    The good news is there is unbelievable engineering at work currently on breakthroughs in new technology that many won’t be able to wrap their minds around that will change the world rapidly for the better very soon. While Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and the corrupt, compromised, and complicit governments of the world project wind power thirty years into the future and peddle “Green” Energy to our detriment and their further enrichment, technologies so advanced and sensible will emerge to transform not only how we power our planet, but how we properly harvest its resources.
    The way the world operates by 2030- including how societies govern themselves- will not resemble today’s world in many ways because of these coming revolutionary advances in science. Prior to that however, a period of huge conflict will arise that we must push through. It’s starting now as many can feel, and almost all can see.


    Now we’re down to one sentence personal attacks. I think I hear your parents calling you, “No name d^m#a$$”!

  3. #2,4,5 Did you read what Mr McEvoy wrote? No, I didn’t think so. What you are doing is called projection. It’s a common psych term. Instead of reading what he wrote and either refuting or agreeing with the information, you resort to calling names and insults. Thus projecting your own insecurities onto another person. It’s a crutch. But don’t worry, it’s also very common. And before you say something like ‘I ain’t reading that ridiculously long post’, I just like to say, then don’t comment on it. If you have an opinion about what he is saying, express it. If not, don’t.


    Thank you so much!
    Numbers 2,4, and 5 are all possibly the same person. They’ve been playing this game on The Blog for quite a few months and are part of The Far Right in town who hate Democrats no matter what. Anyone who is a Democrat is evil and they have expressed that to me often in the past.

    You may be aware but some aren’t, so here’s what’s going on. They are sore over an election where a private Facebook Group I help moderate- the “Belmar/Lake Como/West Belmar Residents”- had an influence on the results because we pointed out ongoing “foibles” that weren’t allowed to be discussed here of the former Belmar Administration which was swept in November’s elections.
    It’s a private Facebook Group made up of over 800 residents of Belmar alone. The person commenting was banned temporarily from posting as they had no idea that West Belmar was part of Wall Township after starting an argument. Once presented with the facts, they never backed down or erased their comments because they are always right and run on pure ego and obvious banal disruption. In fact, they fancy themselves as pillars of the community for all, which is heinous in and of itself considering their actions.

    As a ‘right leaning’ Independent voter it would be a good idea for the GOP candidates in town to reign in the behavior of this individual for the benefit of their future campaigns as a large contingent of the residents now control the narrative and receive accurate news through our social media site. If any local GOP members would like the identity of this person who will possibly impact your future endeavors through their juvenile vitriol just get in touch. You know where to find me. They are the same who spread the lie that I would be the Beach Director if Mayor Buccafusco was elected. I wouldn’t want their continued actions to stain your reputations as constructive party members I currently respect. Also, our residents active daily on our Facebook Group who would back GOP candidates would certainly see it as a strong party leadership move on your part if these destructive, disruptive, and shallow personal attacks were shushed. 😉

  5. McEvoy. Wrong on all counts as usual. I’m #5. I’m an independent who voted for Jerry. But I do know who you are and you are a phony. The sooner people realize that the better off we will all be. (Deleted by Editor.)

  6. “Anyone who is a Democrat is evil and they have expressed that to me often in the past.”
    (This was taken out of context, Editor.)

    Whoa man. You are out of your mind.

    I’m number 2 but apparently I don’t get a voice.

    How about this: I am a member of your facebook group and won’t post because I am constantly berated and can’t get a word in.

  7. #8 “BEACHY”
    If you say so anonymously, then I believe you. The Editor must have as well as she deleted the rest.

    #9 “ANONYMOUS”
    Apparently if you had something constructive to add you’d get a voice. You also won’t post in the Facebook Group because there you have to put your name on it, and the regulars who are informed citizens won’t put up with the putdowns and the partisan rhetoric there for a minute. They know too much about the dealings of the last TWO administrations and now they have a platform where they can disseminate information directly with many others.
    I learned more about the goings on in Belmar there in the past three years from highly informed residents sharing revelations about our local government, than in the previous twenty-five years of just living in town. I’ve also watched them solve problems, change minds, and often remind the politicians they work for us.

  8. #9 there are commenters on this very blog who have made insane blanket statements like liberals are ruining the country or democrats are evil no matter what. There was a boat in the Marina that had a flag that literally said ‘democrats suck’. A flag that I would bet a year’s salary was made in China. That kind of irony is thick in the world of childish politics. And, as clever and well thought out as that is, it’s beyond ridiculous.
    And before you say it, yes, the other side is guilty of the same thing. But since we are not children, we don’t make that argument, right? Whataboutism is a scourge on society. There are def people who read this blog that hate Mr McEvoy ONLY because he worked to remove the last admin. In 9 outta 10 other topics they’d probably agree with him. But he committed the cardinal sin of going against the party.
    We are turning into a country of blind loyalists who refuse to pull their heads out of their rear ends long enough to see the truth. There are two main causes for the increase in tribalism. Cable news and social media. We can all retreat to our safe echo chambers and bask in blind ignorance.

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