1. Strip away the billions in tax payer subsidies for oil and coal, and the annual cost of climate disasters, you’ll find that green energy is not only cheaper, it’s imperative.

  1. If electrical rates go up, or down for that matter, it will be due to the markets. You want a free market capitalist society? Then the energy products we all use, natural gas, electricity, petroleum, etc are all tied to the markets. We could have oil rigs from here to Portugal, wouldn’t change the price at the pump.
    People hate windmills for political reasons. The sooner we all admit that fact, the better.

    1. Of course Biden’s shutting down of the Keystone XL pipeline did not affect prices of oil. Politics can influence markets as well as elections.

      1. The keystone pipeline wasn’t operation yet. So no, it didn’t affect the price of oil. Yes, political can affect the price of oil. No president however, Republican or Democrat has been able to control oil prices. They get the blame of course, but they don’t control it.

  2. #2 score another for Gene! you are absolutely correct. The only off shore wind farm in our country is a complete failure. The residents of Block Island were sold a bag of goods just like the lies our government is selling us. 2 out of the 5 windmills spin( on a good operating day), the electric to the island is now coming from a cable from the mainland that is powered by coal. This was sold as the launching pad to demonstrate wind powers success. Wouldn’t it be nice if they published the reports. Don’t let this happen to NJ’s beautiful coastline. Only you can prevent it! Do your own research and be vocal.

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