1. Nothing wrong with a memorial service for the poor. People who were killed at the world trade center.
    Having said that, don’t believe the lies our lousy government keeps telling us about what happened.

    1. Yes, the US government who, on the one hand you say is totally incompetent, managed to pull off the most horrific terrorist attack on its own people. And the reason they engaged in this out of the blue coordinated attack on its own citizens was to…what exactly? Start a war in Iraq? Certainly they didn’t need to do go through all that destruction to go to war. To make the lives of innocent American citizens who happened to look vaguely middle eastern a living hell for 10 years? Hike up the price of gas? What?

      Mr D, you hate the government. We get it. I’m sure you refuse your social security benefits and your Medicare benefits. You probably never drive on interstate highways or over bridges. You don’t visit national parks and you probably turn down the FDIC insurance that your bank offers.
      The attacks on Sept 11th were the result of unfortunate policies toward Afghanistan and a very unfortunate failure of communication of the state department and the DOJ. But make no mistake, we were attacked by foreign extremists who got exactly what they wanted. Fear.
      Your ridiculous, unfounded, and internet born “theories” do nothing but dishonor the brave souls who died on that terrible day. Many of whom I knew.

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