1. I am actually a fan of what Ms. Donovan has done so far on the council. She seems exceptionally competent and thoughtful. She also seems like she isn’t a political operative who is going to rubber stamp everything that comes her way.

    I don’t know Mr. DiSomma, but it seems like an uphill for him. His connections to Red Bank and the larger ‘party’ make him feel like a political operative. I am a fan of Mrs. Renner and was sorry to hear she dropped out of the race.

      1. You ever tire of being so single minded. How does one live their life with such a closed mind? Do you really think that a party label matters in the little town? You are one of those people that is so brainwashed by the one sided media they consume that you probably vote against your own interests all the time. The truth is that there is good and bad on both sides of the isle. People like you who are so certain in their beliefs represent one of the greatest challenges to this great country. You and your equally stubborn counterparts on the left.
        As for controlling your life, the GOP controlled states in this country are dictating what you can read, who you can love, and what you can do in your spare time. The conservative majority SCOTUS paved the way for the government to take up residence inside a woman’s uterus. Who is interested in controlling our lives? You can really say that with a straight face?

        You’re on here a lot with your ‘all dems are bad’ mantra. It’s tired, it’s old, it’s inaccurate. Donovan is an intelligent, accomplished, and dedicated individual. You go ahead and vote for whoever you want, but before you do, take a moment and educate yourself.

        1. The Democrats are causing the majority of problems. Sanctuary State, City etc. Murphy himself said if you don’t like taxes then stay out of NJ. Conservatives prefer parents decide most about their children NOT the government. Democrats (liberals) want you to buy EVS. Oh, I forgot climate change. Even if China, India and many others use gas vehicles. Books with explicit sexual items should NOT be given to children to read. Democrats believe they should. Even YOU believe it. No group is perfect. However, the Democrats want the government to do everything for you. No choice. I’m from the government and here to help.

          1. There have been more Republican governors in NJ over the last 10 years than democrats. My taxes have never gone down under either. The high taxes in NJ are due, in part, to graft and corruption by both major parties. If you don’t see that, you’re blind.
            The republicans in the southern states that are banning books (banning books!!!) do not give one tiny sh#% about children. They are using manufactured moral outrage to stir up their base. I, and only I, will decide what I will let my child read, NOT the government. And if I want to go to a drag show in my spare time, I do not want the friggin government telling me I’m not allowed. That is nanny state nonsense at its worst. How you don’t see this for what it is, governmental overreach, I’ll never know. Can you imagine if the state government banned something like rodeos? Your head would explode. You suffer from an acute case of double standard. And yes, rodeos and drag shows offer the same amount of danger to children, zero.
            Nobody is forcing you to drive an EV, no one. We, as a country, are trying to reduce pollution. You’re against that? Then drive a giant gas guzzler. It is a free country despite what Fox News tells you.
            The illegal immigrant crisis is a crisis of governmental efficiency. The republicans in congress have refused to even come to the table on immigration reform for literally the last 20 years. Again, you are quick to blame just one party when both are to blame. That is the whole point of this discussion. You will forever go through life with blinders on until you can admit to yourself the truth. That truth is that sometimes your party is wrong and the other party is right. And it is something we all have to admit to ourselves.
            The woman running for council in Belmar is a superior choice in my view. And it shouldn’t matter what little letter is next to her name. Open your eyes, maybe diversify the news outlet consumption a little bit, and see what’s goin on.

  2. Mr. Di Somma didn’t do himself any favors the other night. He could have articulated his points without being confrontational and rude.

      1. Well after what the mayor said I am glad someone stood up. Even Levis said something. Wake up Mr Mayor. You are not a King. The people of Belmar elected you into this position. We will take it away from you.

  3. In our poor nation, out of every hundred people elected to office, it breaks down like this. 1 good person, 39 criminals, and 60 ****** ******.

    (Asterisks are mine, Editor.)

  4. Any candidate will do fine if they strive to be sincere and level headed. A lack of sincerity, rudeness and insensitivity to the needs of our unique little town is intolerable. Do not vote for the resume but, for the action and experience. Some people just look better on paper and should stay paper pushers as we are coming to realize.

    Also, not everything the prior administration in local and National politics is bad. The candidates should listen to the people and embrace the good and therefore not reinvent the wheel. Again, the change seekers are beginning to realize.

    Sensibility is key. Be your own person. Stick with what your campaign ran on… if it’s wrong it will never be right. No matter how much lipstick you put on it.

  5. I would like to know how she intends to vote on the ordinance that will ban Gas Powered Landscape Equipment across the town.

    I will only vote for her if she is a yes on this.

    1. A ridiculous statement. You’re a Johnny one note democrat.
      How the hell with that get property taxes lower? Keep illegal aliens out of the country. Most people I know can’t afford to buy electric powered equipment. My rent will go up because of some stupid edict from people who know zero.

      1. Better start saving money. It’s coming. The ordinance will not take effect immediately but over time. First blowers, then mowers.

        BTW, how the hell does Belmar stop illegal immigration at the border. I think you are confusing which election we are talking about.

        How will this increase property taxes?

        At least you will have less of a chance at getting cancer. A little more oxygen will help you think better, Joe.

        1. Democrats do not do anything correctly. Taxes will go up because the town will need to purchase new electric lawn mowers etc. What about snow blowers? This is all feel good crap. The illegal aliens is a prime example of their(democrats) stupidity. Rents will increase. Just a dumb move. Feel good BS

      2. This from the “Johnny one note” republican voter. I have never heard that saying. Johnny one note. Funny.
        So you want the Belmar council to keep illegal aliens out of the country? I think Belmar citizens would be upset at the travel costs alone. And besides, without the illegal aliens, who is gonna be mowing all the lawns? Every big landscaping outfit around is made up entirely out of friends from the south. But you’re mad at the immigrants, not the wealthy business owners who hire them. That makes a lot of sense. I don’t think a ban on gas powered anything would ‘make your rent go up’. Property taxes aren’t usually affected by private landscape companies. Did your rent go up because gas prices spiked?
        I tell ya, I don’t have an opinion on the banning gas powered machines (I mow my own lawn) but I would not miss the constant roar of mowers, weed wackers, and blowers that starts on Wednesday and goes thru Saturday. It’s constant and loud and annoying. I know a lot of my Republican friends will be upset; they feel that having illegal aliens maintain their lawns with gas powered equipment is an essential right. “Close the border!!!’ But if some get through, have them weed my flower beds, will ya?”
        Maybe we should think about banning gas powered hypocrites? You know, people who know zero.

        1. Not immigrants. Illegal aliens. Democrats are the enemy of common sense and freedom. Landscaping companies hire who the hell they want. Thats a derogatory remark. Who else would mow the lawn? Anything that increases spending will filter down to tenants. The borough will need to buy all new equipment to mow and edge. I guess garbage trucks coming three times a week is ok? Next will be all new electric borough trucks. Just feel-good BS from the democrats that ruin this state and small towns.

          1. People like you always say that, “democrats are against freedoms!”
            What freedoms have you lost? What can’t you do now that you could do under Trump? Or Christie? Or Bush? Or Reagan? Dying to know.
            I can think of a few freedoms that people enjoyed in Fla, TX, AL, TN, etc etc that they longer have. But that was due to freedom hating republicans.
            So let me know. What freedoms have you had to give up?

            Immigrants, illegal aliens. Tomato Tomahto.
            Who do you think is mowing the lawns, roofing houses, bussing tables, and washing dishes? You’re kidding yourself if you think that the hardworking men and woman aren’t here illegally. You bitch and moan about it, but you also benefit from it. Folks like you HATE to admit that.
            Garbage trucks? They come through my neighborhood and in about 3 minutes they’re gone. That is a false equivalence and you know it. The noise from landscapers starts on Wed am and ends on Saturday afternoon.
            Your hatred for all things democrat is pathological. Your taxes have gone up due to republican policy too. How is it that you honestly don’t realize that? The Trump era penalty for all the states that didn’t vote for him created higher taxes for almost all NJ. His admin capped the amount of property tax we could deduct from out federal taxes. That almost certainly made your landlord’s taxes go up. Not mad about that? No, you’re not. Because you are close minded and have been programmed, like a robot, to believe everything you hear from the millionaire talking heads on the right, and ignore every fact that challenges your narrow beliefs.
            Stop being so partisan and join the rest of us in reality.
            Oh, and all the rights you enjoy as a tenant? Brought to you by democratic state legislators. Are you inserting your fingers in your ears and shouting Nanahnahnahnahnah!!?
            Truth and facts are often painful.

          2. We own the Facebook groups, we own the Mayor & Council, we own the Planning Board, we own the Harbor, we own the News (tapinto,app).

            We are going to do whatever we want.

            Since y’all have a problem with the gas dock now, we should rid of that too. You can captain a sailboat.

            Go green or go away.

  6. You ****** make zero cents. Freedom’s lost. Taking your kids to private school with school vouchers. Nope. Can’t do it. Democratic unions won’t permit it. Can’t carry a gun to protect yourself. Yup. Democrats said NO. Illegal immigrants are ILLEGAL. There’s a difference but your warped mind won’t accept it. Landlords can deduct their taxes on their profit and loss statement. See you’re an incompetent fool. Talking about things you have zero knowledge. My landlord can kick my ass out after lease is over. Raise my rent to whatever. Democrats are the enemy.

    (Asterisks are mine, Editor.)

    1. I would like you to work on your reading comprehension.
      I said name freedoms that you don’t have now that you had under a Republican prez or governor. You didn’t name one. Not one.
      I can read however, and will address your responses:
      Private school vouchers- NJ doesn’t have and never had. Not under any GOP gov either. Technically having the state pay for your kid to go to private school isn’t a ‘freedom’, it’s a handout. Currently in NJ, you can send your kid to any school you want. Public private charter religious magnate home etc. Freedom of choice.
      Guns- according to 13:54-2.4(Application for a Permit to Carry a Handgun) , you actually CAN carry a gun in NJ. A law literally designed for people who need to ‘protect themselves’ .
      So those are freedoms that you actually DO have.
      I’ll give you another chance (because arguing with you is kinda fun), name a single freedom that you don’t have now, that you did have when republicans were in control. Literally just one.
      I am really concerned about your abilities to understand basic information.

      Your landlord cannot throw you out on your ass as easily as you think. You have rights. And those rights were given to you by democratic legislatures.
      Your landlords taxes went up under Trump. He, like the rest of us, couldn’t deduct the full amount of his (or her) state property taxes.
      I know this all upsets you. I imagine you’re going through the five stages of grief (currently on the first) but tough s%#*. It’s time to start accepting that BOTH major parties have flaws and virtues. This ‘incompetent fool’ is happy to keep winning this argument.

      1. Impossible to get a CC permit in NJ. Problem is Democrats have been in control way too long. Your guy Menendez is a crook and will be in jail soon. You are a specialist in verbal ********. Say nothing of substance.

        (Asterisks are mine, Editor.)

        1. I don’t say anything of substance? I asked for freedoms you don’t have now that you used to. You didn’t do that, but instead pointed to carrying a weapon in NJ. When I prove to you that you actually CAN do that (nevermind that it isn’t a freedom that you don’t have that you used to have) , you don’t admit you were wrong, you just double down on the lies inside your own head. I literally address every nonsense thing you say point by point, and you just say “democrats are bad!” You want to start listing dems who are in trouble with the law? Fine, I want them all punished. But for every dem politician in legal trouble, there’s a Republican. Again, try to use that brain if you’re to pick up the central message here…BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES HAVE GOOD PEOPLE AND BAD POEPLE, GOOD IDEAS AND BAD IDEAS. I’ve had more productive conversations with 2 year olds in the midst of a tantrum.

        2. For every Bob Menendez there is a Ken Paxton. Wake up Mr partisan.
          While you pretend only one party is to blame, it gives the other party freedom to commit crimes. And vice versa.
          Please let this all start to sink in.

    2. Menendez was just indicted again. And despite what you may think, I am thrilled. This man belongs behind bars and I am all for holding him to account. I feel the same way about republicans who break the law. This is my point. You are living in a land of make believe where ALL democrats are bad (even the cops[who are all in a union] and combat veterans) and ALL republicans are good. It’s delusional.

      1. Let me educate you on cops. Most that I know, and that is many, are for law and order and are right leaning. Hence, Republicans. A police union you speak of is not truly a union, such as the UAW. Cops are not bad. They DO NOT make laws. They are only servants that enforce the laws set by your politicians. 95% of their duties are helping people get by in life, picking up the pieces where the politicians have failed us.

        1. Anon, who said that cops aren’t for law and order? And I never said cops are bad or that they “make laws”. If you’re gonna argue with me all I ask is that you use things that I actually said.
          “Joe D” has it in his head that all dems are bad. All of them.
          I pointed out that there are many cops who are democrats (the ones you happen to know personally notwithstanding). The current dem mayor of NYC is a former cop for instance. There are also many combat veterans who are dems. I was merely pointing out that Mr D is a hypocrite. An activity that is almost too easy. And, since he thinks all dems are bad no matter what, HE is actually the one saying that cops are bad. Take it up with him.
          As for the public union that represents police. It operates the same way as all unions. Members pay dues, and the union becomes a powerful force to represent its members. Same as the UAW or the teachers union.
          Being ok with one but hating the other is, again, hypocritical.

    3. Why should someone be allowed to use public tax dollars for private schools? Talk about a waste of money. You want your kids to go to private schools? Take some personal responsibility and pay for it yourself!

      1. No no you don’t understand! Joe D thinks that the government paying for your kid to go to private school is a FREEDOM!
        Can’t make it up.

  7. Stop thinking about democrats and republicans. They’re all the same. None of them ever do what’s good for the people.


      1. So public unions are ok as long as it’s cops? You never get sick of being so myopic? Public sector unions are public sector unions. Teachers Cops fire fighters etc etc.
        Support them all or support none. I can almost guarantee someone in your family tree benefitted from a union.
        Turn off the TV and go for a walk for Gods sake

      2. Yes, teachers are *******, but what would you expect when a person is working in a long obsolete profession. All public schools should be shut down and (Deleted by Editor.)

    1. In a Wall Street Journal op-ed with the headline “America’s Cities Need Republicans, and I’m Becoming One”, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson explains that he is leaving the Democratic Party because “the future of America’s great urban centers depends on the willingness of the nation’s mayors to champion law and order and practice fiscal conservatism.

      1. Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Missouri, Arkansas, South Carolina, Tennessee, Maryland, Illinois, and New Mexico are the ten states with the highest murder rates per 100,000 people in the United States. Mississippi takes the unenviable top spot with a startling rate of 20.5 homicides per 100,000 people.
        You may have noticed that a lot of those states are run with Republican majorities and some with Democrat majorities. Again, thank you for proving my point. There are dangerous cities in this country run by republicans and dangerous cities run by democrats. I know that one day this will start to sink in to that stubborn skull.

  8. House Republicans have opened an investigation into the Small Business Administration. We have found enormous waste, fraud and abuse from this agency following the COVID-19 pandemic programs. I am determined to reign in the SBA, stop the vast, wasteful spending, and make sure the American people know the truth.

    1. This investigation started back in February. We already do know the truth. Try to keep up.
      The SBA had very few restrictions in place for loan applications and they (meaning us the tax payers) were ripped off by billions of dollars. We also found that the bulk of this fraud occurred during 2020. You may want to check your calendar, that was when Trump was still president. (Uh oh). We also now know that over $4 million in SBA loans went to businesses owned by then president Trump and his top sycophant, Kushner. (Two billionaires getting millions from the government). We also now know that most of the 500 billion or so in loans went to large corporations. Again, this is a great example of you and I being screwed by BOTH parties. This example is weighted a little more on the Republican side, but there was some graft among the dems as well.
      I’m sure it wasn’t your intention to prove my point. And I’m sure that what ever right wing echo chamber news organization you consume didn’t inform you about the fraud taking place in 2020. But I’m glad you brought it up. Hopefully now you’ll finally see that your guys are just as flawed as the other guys. Progress!

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