1. This may be a silly question, but if votes were counted twice (by mistake they say) how would that change the results? If ALL the votes in a particular district were counted twice, that would not be a very effective way of cheating. All it would do is double votes, it wouldn’t change the results. If there is a nefarious ‘up stream’ entity putting their thumb on the scale, they, or it, or he, or she, is the dumbest shadowy figure I’ve ever seen. Additionally, if the current governor pulled ahead with mail in ballots, then that blows a big hole in the manipulating of computers theory.
    And the voting machine software companies do not ‘work for the governor’, they work for the state. And ES&S were involved in NJ voting machines while Christie was governor. Did they allow this shadowy figure to get him elected too? Or did they take a break during that time?
    Plus, Mr Bean’s assumption is that somehow Governor Murphy was helped by this. But what about state, county, and municipal races where republicans did well? Has this shadowy figure managed a way to only change the name at the top of each ballot? Why not change the names at the lesser races too? I hate to point this out, but the only voter fraud case in the last decade that actually overturned the results was in North Carolina and it was the Republican candidate’s team that was convicted of said fraud.

    There is a problem here however. There is a problem with a handful of companies controlling most of the voting machines in the country (ES&S is in 4500 districts in 42 states, yes even in states that went for Trump in 2020 and have majority GOP legislators and Governors). Having our elections in the hands of just a few companies is bad. But not for the same reasons Mr Bean believes. The other problem is a movement among republicans to stop accepting defeat. None of the districts with this issue were ultimately overturned. This sounds like it was a computer glitch. We all experience them all the time in our lives. Is it scary? You better believe it. But it is bound to happen. The good news is that it was spotted by Mr Bean and brought to light. We ALL want free, fair, and transparent elections, but assumptions and non-evidence based conspiracies do not help. If you’re concerned, get involved. Volunteer for the elections commission. Work the polls. Be a part of the solution.

    1. “double trouble” … your analysis is faulted because it fails to address mail-in ballots … only machine ballots at the polls were screwed-up.

      1. I did address mail in ballots. Mr Bean, in his final conclusion, implies that the AG was “working for the governor that won reelection days after the election with mail in ballots”. I pointed out that neither the AG nor ES&S actually works for the Governor. And trying to conflate ES&S’s computer issues with mail in ballots is disingenuous and inaccurate. You can be upset about the ES&S issue of double counting all the votes in certain districts. But you can’t then try to imply that mail in ballots are somehow tied to ES&S’s computer issues. Which is what Mr Bean appears to do.

        1. “I pointed out that neither the AG nor ES&S actually works for the Governor.”

          The attorney general of New Jersey is a member of the executive cabinet of the state and oversees the Department of Law and Public Safety. The office is appointed by the governor of New Jersey, confirmed by the New Jersey Senate, and term limited. Under the provisions of the New Jersey State Constitution, the Attorney General serves a concurrent term to the governor (starting on the third Tuesday of January following the election and ending on the third Tuesday following the next election). Matt Platkin became the acting officeholder on February 14, 2022, following his nomination by Governor Phil Murphy.

          1. The NJ AG is just like US AG. However, the AGs DO NOT work for the Gov or Prez they serve.
            Trump made the same false assumption with Bill Barr. He was quite upset when he learned that, although he appointed Mr Barr, Barr actually works for the people and for the federal agencies, not for the prez. The NJ attorney general does not work for the Gov and the US attorney general does not work for the POTUS. The NJ GA represents the people of NJ and various state agencies. It’s a common misconception. It’s one of the reasons Trump is still so angry at Barr.
            And ES&S does not work for the Gov either. They’ve been around for a couple governors.

      1. Yes, I stand corrected. A local ocean township BOE race that was close, was over turned. Since neither candidate in that race was identified by political party, it is a great example of how this was, in fact, a computer glitch and only a computer glitch.
        It’s hard to attach a conspiracy theory to a race with no party affiliation. But I’m sure some will try.

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