1. Although I don’t always agree with the positions of Mr. Levis, I must say on this point he is spot on. Although a republican, I am independent enough not to vote blindly, especially in Borough politics. I do believe Ms. Donovan has showed what she is about and what she can do even before she became a councilwoman. Which is impressive alone. I was appalled at the behavior of DiSomma at the last mayor and council meeting. It was disturbing to watch and a disgrace. I was so impressed with the grace Ms. Donovan showed and how she handled the situation, she is an example of how a Mayor and Council member should be. We need her to stay on and continue. We do not need another disrespectful guy on the Mayor and Council, when I approached the Mayor he is as rude as DiSomma so I prefer not to have another hot head on the administration.

  2. Mr Levis is correct. The Republican candidate for council is playing from the playbook used by the more, um, truth challenged wing of the Republican Party.
    A strategy of making up crazy, and easily verifiable, lies about your opponent (or even people in the same party who you don’t like). Then repeating the lies even in the face of brutal fact checks. It is a tactic employed by those with no plan or message. By those who lack basic decorum and morals. By those who happily insult the intelligence of their own base. This goes beyond traditional mudslinging and veers into the realm of the absurd. Mr DiSomma should apologize and reshape his message. It’s probably too late to move the needle electorally, but he could still salvage his dignity.

  3. Interesting… we experienced a campaign full of promises, exaggerations and half or inflammatory truths regarding the opposing party in the last election and now our town is affected by the results.

    Do what’s best for Belmar!

    1. I don’t recall anyone saying that Mr Walsifer was secretly a Washington DC lobbyist who is paid by Pfizer (Pfizer?) and his plan is to use Belmar as a stepping stone to one day become the president of the United States while in the mean time constructing “hundreds” of low income housing units and flooding our streets with poor people.
      What this candidate is doing goes way beyond “promises, exaggerations and half or inflammatory truths regarding the opposing party”. That kind of politicking is normal and common. But making up nonsense because you have nothing else to say, that’s called lying. If he wants to attack his opponent, then he shouldn’t base it on some kernel of truth. We shouldn’t normalize this kind of behavior nationally and we can’t normalize it locally.

          1. You may not be ready to realize it but it’s real and obvious and happening right in front of you.

          2. What is happening in front of me? Reality? If so I agree. If your saying that karma (the universe getting even with people) is happening in front of me, unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. Besides there are way too many horrible people getting away with, being horrible.

  4. let’s see…good person, smart, kind, thoughtful, good dad, community minded. Yea, I get what you mean. I don’t trust people like that either. Where’s the greed? Where’s the narcissism? Where’s the false bravado?

    1. What an odd request. I do have a job, are you asking me to get another? I gotta tell ya between being a husband and a father, and all the responsibilities that come with that, I don’t think another job, on top of my full time job, would be worth it. I’m sorry that me defending a good person offends you. I can’t imagine why it offends you. Something about that doesn’t sit right with me.

      1. The Garden State clocks in with a state income tax range of 1.4% on income up to $20,000 and up to 10.75% on income over $1 million. While their income tax is reasonably high, the property tax is where they get you. New Jersey has the highest property tax in the U.S.; a $300,000 home would total a whopping $6,771.

        1. And your point is….
          Under Walsifer my property taxes when up 24%. Under new guy it went up about 4%. Walsifer, with a Republican majority council, didn’t cut spending. Like at all.
          I know I know, ITS THE DEMS FAULT!!!! Haha. You are a one trick pony my friend.

          1. What exactly was cut if your taxes still went up. Can we pin this post for the next budget meeting.

          2. Um what? Nothing was cut. I never said anything was cut. I was answering Mr D, who blames democrats for everything he’s mad about. I was just pointing out that my taxes (and his taxes) went up under Walsifer and the republican majority council. And that they didn’t cut spending at all. They get a pass though because the have little ‘r’s next to their names. Probably a waste of time though. I’ve pointed out about a thousand holes in his bias, but he keeps on hatin’ for the sake of hatin’.

          3. You must be new in town. Guessing you never heard of Doherty and the massive spending spree he went on after hurricane sandy.

            But yeah, cry about Walsifer for trying to pay bills.

            Current admin loves the credit card. The next tax increase will blow 24% out of the water.

          4. Been in town for over 30 years. Worked hard helping to remove Doherty (didn’t need to after all since he quit) and his ilk (Bri Bri, Nicolay, Coleen, etc). I am well aware of his using this town as an ATM and a political aspirational stepping stone. I voted for Walsifer and McK and Kinney. And yes they attempted to clean up the Doherty mess at first, but then I watched as THEY did nothing to get the budget under control AND gave way too much away on crony jobs and power and perks to a pretty awful BA.
            My point, the one you keep missing, is a response to Joe D (and now you) that NEITHER PARTY HAS A MONOPOLY ON BAD GOVERNMENT. It is not just the dems or just the gop. You single minded partisan voters are bad for democracy. Incapable of critical thought or individuality. Regurgitating talking points that you consume from your echo chamber cable news. No research. No open mind. No intellectual curiosity. No different than those on the other side of the aisle who do the same thing.

          5. Name call all you want. It’s usually a self esteem issue.

            Anyways, your taxes will be going up again soon. Nothing has been cut.

            If anything was cut it was the income from the $1 Doherty Deal. I’m sure that was all in good faith, right?

          6. Are you ok? Seriously, can you read?
            I am not a fan of Doherty. I don’t know how clearly I can say that.
            Both the dems and the repubs have bad people representing them. I have no idea why it’s so hard for people like you to accept. I guess you’re afraid of all the time and energy you’ve spent being mad at only one thing for so long?
            Walsifer turned out to be no better than Magovern or Doherty. Maybe this new mayor will be no better than them. But I have an open mind. I am not going to judge people by the letter next to their name. It’s unhealthy.
            What name did I call you btw? You said I can name call all I want. Although I didn’t see anywhere where I called you a name. Is ‘single minded partisan voter’ what you consider name calling? Boy have we gotten a little too sensitive as a society.

          7. I give up. It’s like trying to reason with a toaster.
            There are bad eggs on both sides of the aisle. Is that simple enough for you?
            Point out any of the 90% that doesn’t ‘make sense’. I’m dying to know.

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