1. You’re thinking of a different famous wealthy guy.
          You don’t like Murphy, you’re not alone. But he was born to lower middle class working parents. Got himself into Harvard (no legacy) and worked his way up the ladder to be an executive at Goldman. All of that takes brains. You don’t like his policies which has nothing to do with intelligence. He just sees the world differently than you. If he was a Republican with the exact same background, you’d be bragging about how smart he is.
          Now, let’s say he was born wealthy, was given millions of dollars, still managed to file for bankruptcy three times, fathered five children with three different baby mamas, and cheated on all of them.
          Is that smart, lucky, or trashy?

    1. Haha. I’m sure he would be.
      And that is the current problem with America in a nutshell. Blatant hypocrisy used to be a bad thing, now it’s embraced as a virtue.

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