Jim Murdoch from News12 at Island Beach State Park

The video has scenes of what has been happening there –
From the article “As part of the original agreement, Orsted must also return the land in the park the way it was before construction.”


        1. “Can’t make money? Leave. Nobody wants it anyway.”
          -Joe D

          No company, whether working for the public or private sector, does a thing unless they’re gonna make money. It’s called capitalism. That quote above makes it clear you are against that. Therefore, commie.

  1. It’s unbelievable that Belmar can’t reinstall a bathroom on the boardwalk and yet DEP allows this to occur a few miles down the beach. What a mess! All for nothing.

  2. Mr Creamer, did the Maser-Doherty connection get Sandy Free money for yet another Engineering malpractice at the Boardwalk Bathrooms placements?

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