1. Just curious. What is the goal here? Let’s say you convince people not to vote, then what? Horrible people are elected with single digit turn out percentages?

      If you want to make a difference you get involved. You don’t hand bad people victories. The bad ones also don’t want you to vote.

      1. Plan to fail – Sir, my goal is to have people understand that “Democracy” has been dead for many years now – it just doesn’t work now. We need a new form of government.
        As far as bad people wining, we have worse than that. We have incompetent 3rd rate people winning these “elections.”
        We find ourselves in a trap. Our legislatures, courts and “leadership” are not representative of the citizenry at large.

        1. Again, it is merely your opinion. You feel like you’re not represented. That doesn’t mean ‘democracy is dead’, it means that the world is changing. As it always does and always will. There are Americans that used to live in the margins of society who felt as though they were not represented. And the truth is, they weren’t. They weren’t represented for more than a century.
          Now that the world has changed and the government is now set up to represent ALL Americans, it’s upsetting to folks who benefited from the status quo.
          Women in this country could not vote until 1920. There were laws in this country that kept black folks from eating, sitting, praying, and relieving themselves where they wanted. These laws were in place in my lifetime. I’m in my 50s.
          You can’t imagine what that would be like. Your experiences are only yours. You have no idea what it’s like to not be represented by your government. Democracy is alive and well (it’s current assault by a mass manipulating mad man notwithstanding) and THAT is what bothers you.
          Everyone should exercise their right to vote.

  1. Close race haha.
    The only real surprise is that the Republican candidate got any votes at all.
    If you want a serious shot at winning, put up a serious candidate. This guy’s mailers read like an instruction manual on how to turn people off.

    1. Congratulations Caitlin. What’s best for Belmar.
      The Belmar GOP held its first contested Primary this year and long time Belmar Resident/Activist, Vickie Renner, defeated the party candidate John Sabia. When Ms Renner withdrew from the campaign the GOP Committee had a chance to appoint a viable replacement candidate. But they chose a recent Belmar resident, with no local experience, who ran a radical, attack campaign for Council. Belmar said ‘No way!’.
      What does this say about Jim McCracken and his Committee? Where was Katrina Clapsis? What about John Sabia? Why did Vickie Renner write that letter supporting/endorsing him?
      The Democrats have won 4 straight elections. Belmar is a changing community with lots of new homeowners but maybe not new registered voters.
      Stay tuned.

  2. It’s nice to see Jimmy McCracken and his small group of scheming operatives in town get an old fashioned political @$$ whoopin’ when it was much deserved.
    Maybe now The Belmar Republicans will finally purge itself of these “free radicals” and end the bifurcation of the local GOP. The SWEEP last year should have been the end. Maybe the LANDSLIDE this year will finally rid The Right of these people in decision making positions because they’re really starting to resemble the Doherty Democrats hanging on to the old, sadly misguided ways of their vaunted loser that’s also causing the continued rift in the other local political party.
    The good news is we’ve elected a true moderate who in a short time has already proven herself as one of the most receptive, humble, openly communicative, intelligent, tireless, and effective leaders to come along in a while for us. Most importantly, she realizes she works for the residents and not the other way around.

  3. The way this guy behaved was a disgrace. I don’t care which side of the fence you’re on. Can’t believe He got any votes at all. Slandering good people in Belmar won’t get you elected. (Deleted by Editor.)

    1. I agree his behavior was terrible, no wonder why he never was never successful when he ran for office in red bank. His facebook posts were terrible and he is definitely not a role model for anyone- even though he seems to think he is the best thing since sliced bread. Notwithstanding his behavior (i.e. even if he acted like a respectable person) I still think Caitlin was the best person running for the council seat this year.

      And I am not even a Jerry supporter and I feel this way. I do think that Mrs. Renner really put the republicans in a bad spot when she decided to run against the other candidate they had and then won that (ok good for her that’s democracy) but then to just drop out of the race leaving them high and dry.

    1. For once I agree with you Mr D. If the GOP keeps putting forth this type of candidate, we will see a rise in radicalism.
      I’m glad to see you’ve finally come around to recognizing the dangers of crazy partisanship.

  4. I think I saw DiSomma at borough hall (Deleting by Editor.). Maybe he’ll pack his bags and head further south.

  5. Worst candidate ever put forth by either party in a Belmar election.
    I would say I feel bad for the guy, but his anger, hatred, and dishonesty is all consuming.

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