1. Did Huisman ever take and pass the mandated testing protocols for being a DPW supervisor? (Deleted by Editor.)

  2. Why do most of Lake Como-sponsored events include liquor vendors — first Lake Como Day and now the Holiday Tree Lighting? It’s not like there are not enough bars and liquors stores in this small town.

    1. I’m confused why you would be upset that a business donates money to sponsor a community event??? It allows it to be free for the residents and community to enjoy some holiday spirit, and the holiday tree lightening is also to encourage small business shopping it seems. I don’t understand what you are complaining about????

      1. Let me clarify: Why does the consumption of alcoholic beverages need to be a part of borough-sponsored activities on public property, and in this case on the grounds of borough hall? It has nothing to do with businesses donating money. It could be a recipe for trouble, particularly in a small area such as this, where children are there specifically to see Santa. Liquoring it up does not seem to be appropriate in this type of setting.

        1. Nobody drinks heavily anymore. They just pop legal gummies. A bunch of people driving around high on THC. A pandemic no one wants to talk about. Remember, they tax the hell out of it. More tax money to waste and politicians love it because they they don’t have to announce they are RAISING the tax rate on all of the other numerous taxes we have here.

          1. What are you talking about? Alcohol and alcohol related issues are incalculably more costly than weed. Violent assaults, including most domestic abuse cases are fueled by alcohol. In 2021, over 13,000 people were killed in drunk driving accidents. That’s a person every 39 minutes. That number does not include injuries, nor does it include the lives shattered by those deaths. And then go ahead and calculate all the tax dollars it takes to clean up the mess.
            You want to talk about a ‘pandemic’? Alcohol is celebrated everywhere. Alcoholism is joked about in songs and in a cultural context. It literally destroys lives.
            Stop pretending the legalization of marijuana is some horrible burden. No one is in prison for beating their kids after eating a gummy.
            It’s about time weed was legal, regulated, and taxed.

      1. I know man. The dispensaries are so bad for society. I mean people are going to the dispensaries and getting into fights, screaming and laughing til 2am, peeing on people’s lawns, breaking into people houses ‘cause they can’t remember where they live, fornicating on the hoods of cars, vomiting on the sidewalk, and complaining loudly to their BFF that that are, in fact, better off without that ******* Johnny and that he is just a piece of sh*% for leaving with Gina and who does she think she is, she’s just a sl*# and we hope they both rot in hell and where’s our Uber anyway?!?
        Oh wait, sorry. That’s not the dispensary, that’s every bar in Belmar and Lake Como. Yea, let’s keep those scary dispensaries away from our quiet community. What a joke

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