1. OMG!!! What experience does she have? Can’t wait to hear from all you liberal democrats. All the major players in the democratic party want her. What qualifies her?? Nothing. Zero experience.

      1. I seem to recall a gentleman who ran for president who never held public office. Not once. Had “nothing, zero experience” in public office. And all his supporters at the time said that was actually a good thing.

        Do you ever get tired of being a hypocrite? It seems like it would be exhausting to always be contradicting yourself.

        1. He ran a business, employed thousands of people. Had to meet payrolls. This person has been nothing. A big fat zero.

          1. Ha. I wonder if the hundreds of local businesses and workers who were stiffed when Donnie filed for bankruptcy multiple times would agree about meeting payroll.
            At least she worked for a living. I imagine the world of finance (career at Goldman) can be considered experience. She also, unlike Mr Trump, was a Republican for most of her life. I figured you would respect that. As opposed to the orange messiah only became a Republican in like 2014.

            If growing up wealthy, never having to do any actual work, being a vapid reality TV star, and begging to be covered in the celebrity pages qualifies one for being in high office, then I vote for Kim Kardashian. The only difference between her and Trump is she seems to be better with money.

  1. Indoctrinating students? I never understood the radical right’s obsession with that word. I get that learning about slavery is not fun. I agree that learning about what we did to the Indians is pretty depressing. But why do you want to hide our history? Kids are tough. We shouldn’t treat them like wimps because they may get upset when they learn about Dread Scott or Brown v BOE. When did we start babying our children so much. I was in school over 40 years ago and we learned about all that stuff. Why is it now called indoctrination? I’m so tired of these right wing snowflakes who get so upset over books and history.
    Toughen up people!

    I don’t want her to be senator btw. But only because it’s not a good idea. Plus, like Trump, she has no experience.

    1. Trump has experience dealing with multiple things. She is a dud. She probably couldn’t balance a check book. You are a d*** liberal democrat.

      (Asterisks are mine, Editor.)

      1. I’m sorry, did you say she can’t balance a checkbook? Hahahaha. Are you unaware of Trumps past? The man filed for bankruptcy more times than he’s been married. And I guess you haven’t read any of the testimony from the current fraud trial in NY, but balancing check books is not Mr Trump’s strong suit.
        I guess you are impressed with his various businesses, here’s just a sample of the “multiple things” he’s dealt with…
        The Trump Taj Mahal, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1991.
        The Trump Plaza, the Trump Castle, and the Plaza Hotel, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1992.
        THCR, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2004.
        Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc., declared bankruptcy in 2009.
        Trump Shuttle Inc., launched by President Trump in 1989, defaulted on its loans in 1990 and ceased to exist by 1992.
        Trump University, founded by President Trump in 2005, ceased operations in 2011 amid lawsuits and investigations regarding the company’s business practices.
        Trump Vodka, a brand of vodka produced by Drinks Americas under license from the Trump Organization, was introduced in 2005 and discontinued in 2011.
        Trump Mortgage, LLC, a financial services company founded by President Trump in 2006, ceased operations in 2007., a travel site founded by President Trump in 2006, ceased operations in 2007.
        Trump Steaks, a brand of steak and other meats founded by President Trump in 2007, discontinued sales two months after its launch.

        Impressive. But I’m not sure I want him “dealing” with anything important.

        Again, your hypocrisy is overwhelming. And your fealty to someone who, based on the above list, is such a well publicized grifter, is incomprehensible.

        1. Bankruptcy laws were passed by congress. They should be changed. If you are a person that can take advantage of such stupid laws, then do it. Many people start businesses and fail. Many get back up and succeed. The current guy in office stole $$ from the taxpayers by getting illegal $$ from overseas and not paying any taxes. He sir is a thief. Trump 2024

          1. Ah, so it’s Congress’ fault that he overextended himself over and over and over again. My parents used to call that irresponsible. Silly me, here I am working hard and paying my bills like an honest person.

            The current guy is a tool and shouldn’t be in office. But since I’m not a child, I don’t engage in whataboutisms. Trump is a con man who has gamed the system for his own selfish desires. His many, many failures are due to the fact that he is a bad business man and kind of stupid. Biden’s failures don’t change that fact. You have several bonafide conservatives, proven conservatives, actual republicans, running to be the GOP candidate. Yet you cling to a false profit, grifting, man child, socialite, who has never ever done a lick of honest work in his entire life.
            Make America wake the f*%# up.

            Oh and speaking of stealing from tax payers. Have you seen the amount of money that was spent at Trumps own properties by the trump administration over his one term? It is beyond staggering and exactly criminal.

    2. they may get upset when they learn about Dread Scott or Brown v BOE
      Correct, I’m still upset about the notorious Brown Vs BOE “supreme court” decision.

  2. If you don’t like the green new deal, you should probably give it a different name.
    The original New Deal, FDR’s move to help move recovery out of the Great Depression, was very successful. It produced a lot of things we enjoy to this very day. It was also violently opposed by people who saw it as socialism, but it become a very popular piece of legislation.

    Anywho, maybe go to some Republican spin room folks and give it a more negative sounding name. Like commie pollution wrangling or solar panel Satan worshipers. And form a some tax exempt groups to fight it. With names like “freedom moms for co2 liberties”, or “patriots for petroleum”.

    1. Worship the Sun … the source of all life as we know it … lotsa nuclear energy for solar panels … good for Belmar beach badge sales

          1. I wouldn’t call just making a vague insult a point. On the contrary, it’s the language of those who have no point. I’ve pointed out to you several times, using facts and data, that shows NJ is one of the best states to live in in the US. You, on the other hand, just kind of whine.
            Like I’ve said, move. Nothing stopping you. Go move to one of the deep red states NJ supports.

    2. The original New Deal, FDR’s move to help move recovery out of the Great Depression
      The “New Deal” didn’t get us out of the depression. The New Deal was a failure. So FDR conspired to get us into WW2 which 70+% of Americans were against getting involved in.
      So he systematically pushed the Japanese into a corner that he knew would make them attack us, which of course we know they did. He didn’t even alert our commanders in Pearl Harbor of imminent attack he knew was coming (we’d broken the Japanese codes and knew their every move and intention before the Japanese executed anything) and let those Americans get killed. What a disgrace FDR was/is. His name lives in infamy.

  3. Point of no return: You must have plenty of money to live in NJ. NJ >>>The number one state people are leaving. And you advocate having this liberal lady become US Senator? Just nuts. Either you’re rich or poor to live in NJ. I’m poor .

    Not your problem. If I could leave tomorrow I would.. Maybe Tammy will pay for illegals to have free housing in your neighborhood.

    1. Again, you should really look this stuff up before your little tirades. NJ is not ‘the number one state people are leaving’. It’s not even in the top 10. However, I feel bad that you are trapped here. I hope I never find myself in a situation where I’m forced to live where I’m not happy. I sincerely hope you can one day move to a place that fits your exclusionary views and angry disposition. But remember that old saying, “where ever you go, there you are”.
      And I don’t ‘want’ Tammy Murphy as my senator. I was responding to you complaining that she has no experience. Just pointed out how your no experience complaint seems to fall along party lines. In other words, you have a different set of standards depending on the person. It’s pretty common in todays insular society. Anyone is better than Menendez. And, like I mentioned, Murphy was a staunch VA Republican for most of her life. My guess is she still has some of those old ideals. That could make her perfect.
      Good luck my friend. I hope you can one day leave this lovely state that you hate so much. In the meantime, take a stroll on the board walk, try your luck in AC, go for a hike in the Watchung mountains, visit historic Smithville, catch a live band in Asbury Park, or take a drive to Cape May.

      1. Wrong on NJ. Just call a state moving company. I can’t walk so why would I leave. Only unless You’ll carry me away?

        1. Haha. Population statistics are accurately measured state by state. NJ net population loss is less than 15 other states (including a few red ones). These are statistics. Data. I’m sure getting anecdotal information from a moving company is fun, but it’s not data. That would be like me telling you that no one ever leaves NJ and for proof I told you to drive on Rt 35 in Wall Township any day of the week. That’s not proof that’s an anecdote. For someone who likes to debate, you rely too much on your biases and not enough on cold hard facts.

          1. Really? Have you seen the real estate market? There are houses in this very town that are falling down and go for over a million dollars with multiple offers. And that’s Belmar! There is building going on all over the place. Every street in town has a massive renovation or build going on. There are massive development projects all over Wall and points west.
            NJ is ranked 17th in strongest economies among all 50 states (I know, you are not a fan of facts that challenge your views).

            I get it. You watch and read media that keeps screaming at you that democrats are bad. ***** people are dangerous and can’t be trusted. Blue states are crumbling. *** people are trying to ***** ********.
            The truth is that literally none of that is true. You are being duped and rather easily I might add. Stop being such a grump and EDUCATE YOURSELF. Life is too short to live with such anger and resentment.

            Incidentally, my Irish born grandparents were also referred to as ‘less desirables’ in the early part of the 20th century by people just like you.
            Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Yes! She is our ticket to green energy. We ARE banning all gas equipment. 2035 is coming. When the gas stations close it will be a rapid switch to all electric mowers and blowers too.

    I’m happy our new council members are also lobbying for this change and are part of the NWO.


    1. Dumb idea. NJ is just like CA. No more gas mowing machines will mean more $$ to pay to get lawn cut. Then rents will go up. You are poor poor dumb liberal. The vote for that is a quick way not to get reelected.

      1. Well, I guess I am so dumb that you did not realize it’s already been adopted. See you in 2035, Joe.

        Perhaps the editor can share an article for discussion.

      2. What do you think of Marjorie Taylor Green and Lauren Boebert?
        Do they measure up to your standards for women candidates?
        Run Tammy run!

      1. Good. Our taxes will decrease. We don’t have to clean up after them and keep additional police on staff just for the bennies.

        The beach will be peaceful. Sounds amazing.

        Don’t need tourist $$$ when you have your own.

        1. You *****. Businesses need the summer people to spend their money. Then the business owners can pay real estate taxes/rent. Then, believe it or not, the town can now pay workers to clean the horrible streets. Why? Because those businesses pay taxes. Please take an economic course.

          (Asterisks are mine, Editor.)

      2. Do you just make stuff up? Or do you listen to the YouTube channels of grown men reporting from their basements? I’ll ignore the fact that you have absolutely no idea what would happen if gas was ‘banned’. And I won’t address the uncertainty that gas would ever be ‘banned’. I’ll just speak to your constant and unfounded anger at things that haven’t happened. You’re upset by possibilities. Your time is spent being angry at proposals. It’s a silly waste of time.
        Try to cheer up. But if you insist on being pissed all the time, relegate it to things that have actually happened.

          1. I disagree. I pointed out that you are like chicken little. The sky is always falling.
            My advice- live in the present. Stop clutching your pearls every time your news channel makes money by frightening you. Read a book. Volunteer somewhere. Learn a language. Take up piano. Try to become a more compassionate caring person. In other words, stop being so friggin pessimistic all the time.

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