Interesting how this clears the field for Tammy Murphy

From the article below –
“In his six years as governor, Murphy owns a warehouse packed to the rafters with chits and presumably is eager to redeem them to benefit his wife’s Senate candidacy.”


    1. Tammy Murphy would have melted those gold bars. Stupid Menendez was not even good at this bribery stuff. The Murphys will show everyone how to steal from NJ. Go get em Tam Tam.

      1. Menendez is, and always has been, crooked. Menendez should be behind bars. It seems as though some are suggesting Murphy planted the gold bars in a long complicated con to get Menendez out of the way? That is an amazing story if true.
        I look forward to evidence presented to support the theory.
        (Deleted by Editor.)

  1. Tammy is part of the tax and spend liberals in NJ. She’ll wreck the country like her husband wrecked NJ.

    The New Jersey Treasury Department’s monthly update for October showed total tax collections for the current fiscal year that began July 1 down more than $450 million, or 4%, when compared with the previous year.

    “The latest Treasury report shows exactly what budget experts have warned: The state will need more revenue to balance its books and pay for the public investments that keep our communities running,” said Peter Chen, senior policy analyst with New Jersey Policy Perspective.

    1. So if taxes are going up, why are tax revenues down by 4%?
      I mean MY taxes haven’t gone up, but I’m not a wealthy person.

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