1. I see Huisman driving around in a dark colored pickup truck. Is that a Lake Como owned truck? It has no markings on it. If so does he take it home and everywhere else? That’s another nice perk at taxpayers’ expense. At least put Lake Como on it like the other trucks. Unless you’re trying to hide!

    1. Cut the waste! Like the county cut the employee vehicles some years ago! Lots of folks put miles on their own vehicles for work so vehicles for absurdly small towns employees can’t be justified!

      1. What does woke mean? I hear it all the time and it seems like a kind of place holder word. Like it’s used in arguments when the person arguing doesn’t know what to say. I know it started out as urban slang for ‘being aware’ of your surroundings. But it seems to have been co-opted by folks who aren’t crazy about being aware of their surroundings. Can someone explain the new definition of this word? Thanks

      2. Don’t tell that to the landlords who rent to illegals or the local companies that employ them. That is a whole lot of economic fuel you’d be messing with. The large landscaping, building companies wouldn’t have crews. And the local restaurants back of house staff would be depleted. Plus landlords wouldn’t be able to get over on tenants who are too afraid to complain due to their immigration status. So a sanctuary city sounds like a pretty good idea from a purely economic standpoint.

      3. We could then dissolve ICE (and border patrol while you’re at it) and use the money saved to house and feed the American homeless and needy. Sounds like a woke plan to me.

        1. Annon,
          There you go with ‘woke’ again. I have to say, I learn about a man every Sunday in church that, according to the teachings, was as ‘’woke’ as it gets. Nothing but love and service to the poor, hungry, and marginalized. I know that ain’t easy for everyone, but no one said it was.
          Just some food for thought.

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