1. (Deleted by Editor)
    We don’t need more pickle ball. Stop trashing the parking and making it hard for people to enjoy the marina. Do something that actually benefits Belmar and not your pet projects.

  2. A couple things:
    1- What are the “specs” of the bathrooms at the Taylor Pavilion? How many female stalls, how many male stalls, how many male urinals, how many sinks? These bathrooms are replacing the 3rd and 6th Ave bathrooms. I hope it can accommodate the entire north end of town up to 8th Ave.
    2- The public portion of the town meeting isn’t for questions and answers? Because you may not be prepared? Are you kidding me!
    3- The mayor needs to ask the BA if they are going to appeal the Mediterranean project? Are you kidding me, you’re the mayor and you don’t know!
    4- The fact that this administration has no idea what they are doing with the 12th and Main proposed public safety building is laughable and sad all at once.

    1. It’s because the Mayor is trying to keep things that are going on behind the scenes from the residents so he is tripping himself up. First he put up his timer (5 minutes each) now he is trying to get rid of questions during that 5 minutes instead only comments. When he was on the other side asking, demanding answers and accountability he would not have taken its only comment time we cant answer that. Now that the shoe is on the other foot and it’s his turn to be held accountable and have answers to the questions, even the hard ones he wants to get out of that too. The problem he is having with the Mediterranean Project is, it isn’t up to Belmar anymore it is going to be decided in Monmouth County Superior Court by a Superior Court Judge, negotiations for that project along with three others are ongoing, but he doesn’t want anyone to know that. So he probably wasn’t sure if the Borough was able to appeal the CAFRA permit.

      1. You are correct. Jerry got up at almost all council meetings during the past administration asking questions, demanding answers and accountability. And always went over 5 minutes! Classic politician, do as I say not as I do.

      2. You are 1000% correct. When he wasn’t mayor and was attending the council meetings he asked all kinds of questions!
        (Deleted by Editor)

    2. A couple things:
      1- What are the “specs” of the bathrooms at the Taylor Pavilion? How many female stalls, how many male stalls, how many male urinals, how many sinks? These bathrooms are replacing the 3rd and 6th Ave bathrooms. I hope it can accommodate the entire north end of town up to 8th Ave.
      Won’t female women have a hard time using the urinals?

      1. A couple things:
        1- What are the “specs” of the bathrooms at the Taylor Pavilion? How many female stalls, how many MALE stalls, how many male urinals, how many sinks? These bathrooms are replacing the 3rd and 6th Ave bathrooms. I hope it can accommodate the entire north end of town up to 8th Ave.
        Won’t female women have a hard time using the urinals?

        It says MALE urinals!

  3. There was an LSRP finished before these people came on board. All of those answers are in place. Get a move on. Our mayor acts like this is all new and constantly pushes people off. Get the remediation done!!! The money is in place. The trucks are in there all the time.
    And he doesn’t want to answer questions????
    Where is the transparency they all promised?????

    1. Ahhh Katrina! I’ve missed you. Still shillin’ like a villain here on The Blog once every quarter. What have I told you about that? lol… and away we go… smh
      Most of what the Mayor would like to explain he cannot because it is in litigation because of your friends Kirschenbaum, Walsifer, McCracken and their misdeeds. They have had several council meetings since the SWEEEEP out of your buddies that have gone into closed sessions. If you really don’t know what those sessions that aren’t open to the public are about, you’re either grandstanding here or you are an ignorant hypocrite. It’s likely both in your case with your history, and the history of who you’ve associated with and can’t seem to separate yourself from. However, it was great to know that The Belmar Republicans finally separated your buddy Jim McCracken from being in charge of that organization. Maybe now we can get some true conservatives to represent those of us that actually lean towards the right in town or just simply want to balance things out in the coming years so Matt “Control Freak” Doherty doesn’t continue to get any more freebies on the taxpayers.
      The Mayor is not only obviously a poor communicator, but he is possibly not wanting to give an inch of information so as to open up the town to another lawsuit, as he does know the laws and ordinances very astutely, unlike the last administration that wore flags on their uniforms “on the job” for years but were totally ignorant of U.S. Flag Code as well as totally arrogant when the veterans taught it to them; (God, I miss those days of schooling know-it-all, bullying, self-proclaimed patriot autocrats on the basics of civics and local government responsibility. Good times!)
      The list of ex-officials and ex-cops and ex-business owners that have sued The Borough of Belmar and won settlements over the past decade is long and distinguished as many here realize. I think the Mayor may be trying to avoid more of that in the future and can’t seem to explain it in plain speak as I’ve done here in reply to your fake ignorance of what’s truly happening these days. Keep up with current events Katrina and keep away with the hypocrisy here that tries to fool the newer and/or more uninformed residents, as most are now up to speed. Stop polishing the dirty boots of certain individuals because they are on your “team”; We have enough of that $#!* on the state and federal levels.

      1. If lovers of liberty take on the false patriots in a bipartisan way as the veterans continue to do for us here in Belmar, and the collateral damage is failed politicians and weak leaders like Clapsis and Doherty who continue the partisan rhetoric and the false rewrite of the script of history for the bad actors on BOTH sides, that’s a win/win for sure. Bravo for always looking out! Maybe if these elements step aside as it was mentioned James McCracken finally did, we can turn this place into “small town feel” again someday soon.

  4. Where is all the public outrage that the mayor put back the 5 min rule? That he say if you want questions answered look on Belmar website? This from a man that stood up at every meeting asked questions and complained about every little typo??
    Transparency?????? Where????
    As far as the projects go, he and some of the other council people weren’t satisfied when asking about redevelopment, that ligation prevented answers. They ran on NO REDEVELOPMENT!!!! Funny how different they all are now that they are faced with the realities. Crickets
    Don’t forget the plane flying over head with a banner saying a vote for Jerry meant no redevelopment!!!

  5. Mayor Matt administration redux? Hard to take the hypocrisy, eh? Give the mayor a timer so he knows when to stop talking.

  6. a ‘Mushroom Farm’ Public Meeting … keep’em in the dark, in the corner, in the shade.

    at least we found-out that JCP&L is proposing electric rate increases … I thought JCP&L would give us an update on Belmar Smart meter installations … especially at the Senior Building.

      1. JCP&L maintains a registry of customers with life sustaining electrical equipment. Smart meters can detect when the customer looses power and JCP&L can notify first responders at internet speed.

        Senior Building occupants would benefit greatly with a Smart meter.

  7. Almost as hypocritical as running on “no more cronyism and political favoritism”, and then giving away the Taylor Pavilion concessions to Matt Doherty, is the act of running on “better communication with the public and listening to what the residents want” and then limiting communication to five minutes at council meetings.
    It’s embarrassing when the mayor manages to keep the adversarial discourse between the residents and their government alive just as the two previous administrations did, but at least the latter didn’t invoke the “five minute rule”. Instead of improving his biggest and most glaring weakness, he’d rather the public be limited in their communication attempts. That’s weak leadership and more importantly is strikingly pennywise and pound foolish in the fact that now although they will save a couple hours of their time each month in council meetings, but will undoubtedly receive more emails, more repeat inquiries via phone calls to Belmar Borough Hall and DPW, and more flak which will cause others in their charge to have to work more hours to deal with and/or alleviate.
    The embarrassment of council members when the Mayor tries to inject humor into situations that aren’t at all amusing to residents with serious inquiries during these meetings is palpable. Ego keeps folks like this from deferring to others on the dais, or from explaining apologetically and EMPATHETICALLY that it’s something he just can’t discuss because of legal reasons while aligning himself with the concerned at the microphone. Also, sitting there and listening and separating the frustration and anger in folk’s sentiments from the bulk of what they are trying to ask, explain, or state and not taking it personally would only take several meetings before the average person would be less adversarial towards him. After all, this adversarial relationship with our government was started by our government, not the general public. It can only be solved by our government but first they need to realize they work for us and one of their jobs is to give straight answers; Answers that would satisfy them if they were on the other side of the microphone asking the questions. I don’t think there is as fine a line between humility in leadership, and taking c*&* from the public at large as our Mayor currently thinks there is. It comes down to concern and compassion for your fellow man, and if it’s political grandstanding then just call it out on the spot and offer up some history in the public forum because “pain association” has a way of making the tyrants of the mic stay away. I urge the Belmar Council to make the Mayor revisit the ordinance limiting the public to five minutes and maybe still having a time limit but extending it to a more reasonable amount. All the things we’ve learned from folks like Mr. Creamer, Linda Sharkus, Vickie Renner, and others in council meetings past that have saved us headaches, and made us aware of and educated us to solutions for ongoing problems, make it worth revisiting the time limit if for no other reasons. Communicating less with us doesn’t mean communication will become easier or better by any means, it only serves to continue the adversarial relationship between the people and its governing body. Maybe one day sooner than later our council meetings will stop resembling a White House Press Conference. Once again, “Belmar is simply a microcosm of what is happening nationally”.

    (The book titled, “The Mission, The Men, and Me”, by former JSOC Operator Major Pete Blaber, is one of the best reads you’ll ever come across to grasp the keys to small unit leadership, and the three title subjects are in that order for a f*(&!n& good reason!)

    1. McEvoy, you mention things like “taking it personal “ ,” frustration “, “adversarial “, “anger”. Didn’t you just slam Katrina for making a comment on the blog?
      You’re a hypocrite who sits in his apartment all day typing on a blog and social media all day.

      1. No, the hypocrites only slam one side like you. 😉
        I, along with the other veterans who stand up regularly against the autocrats are equal opportunity whistleblowers on poor leadership regardless of what political machine in Belmar is engaging in those practices. Katrina and the Mayor seem to currently have a monopoly on hypocrisy and “changing their message” depending on the political climate even though they are on opposite sides of the political spectrum. If you can’t figure that out by now, you’re still a partisan hack and you’re “taking things personally”.
        What I do and enjoy in my free time seems to make you “frustrated” and “angry”? Hmmm? Do you have to work all day and then resent those who can do whatever they please? Do you sit in a cubicle all day and then come home and resent that I keep your friends who are hypocrites exposed when you read The Blog and social media all evening? Maybe you’re one of the rich, “movers and shakers” of Belmar and have everything you want except you still feel inadequate because someone who lives in an “apartment” has a better feel and way more trust from the residents who live next door to you in your mansion on Inlet Terrace or Ocean Avenue? Since you like to hand out advice to folks here that just want to live in a town that isn’t crooked and have nothing to do with either political party, here’s my advice to you; Invest the time on social media and The Blog like I did communicating the facts- not the partisan rhetoric or “team talking points”, spend endless hours concerned about the takeover of Belmar institutions by the egotistic autocrats like I did, talk to dozens of intimidated business owners like I did, unite the veterans who came back home and wondered what the hell is going on here like I did, and then we can make it “all about you and yours”. Otherwise, just shut your nasty civilian mouth because putting me down isn’t going to elevate your status or slow my roll- especially when you do it anonymously. LOL The fact that you won’t put your name on it, is a direct reflection of your poor character, and most likely your poor reputation among our fellow citizens.
        Remember; You’ll never figure me out because I’m a renegade and a theta and you know nothing about what motivates Marines; I’m not running for office. I’m not interested in joining any of your clubs, and I don’t need a title or have to be someone with a nameplate. Most importantly, I definitely don’t need to retain friends at the cost of my overall liberty which is quickly waning for all in this country. It’s 2024 and it’s time to stop accepting the things they say we cannot change, and changing everything we will no longer accept, no matter what party or which acquaintances or friends are pushing that JUNK. So stop pushing me, “Oh Anonymous Partisan Hypocrite of The Blog Who Calls Others Hypocrite”, because I’ll simply push back five times as hard as I’ve done here. Now go pick on someone else who doesn’t occupy space in your head, or you’re just gonna lose more sleep over it. Try counting sheep and leave The Sheepdogs alone.

        1. Mr. McEvoy I am a veteran and I have lived in this town my whole life. I know many other veterans in this this town who have no idea who you are. If you are going to associate your comments using the term “veterans” I would appreciate ********* or just speak for yourself. You do not speak for me or any of my veteran friends.
          Semper Fi

          1. I never said that I did. I only speak for myself and the fellow veterans I communicate with as I stated. That’s all, nothing more nothing less.

        2. Mr McEvoy
          Well said and firmly put. I do have a question though. It’s something I hear often from all corners. You say that liberties are ‘waning’ for everyone. What liberties are waning? What is it we can’t do now that we could do, say, 20 years ago? Just curious. I don’t need a long explanation. Just a list of liberties that have been taken away.
          Thank you.

          1. I appreciate you ‘feeling sorry’ for me, but it’s not necessary. His breakdown of the corrosive effects of partisanship is 100% correct. If you think it isn’t, then you are a partisan. Party ideology is a cancer. One of the fathers of this nation, George Washington, warned us about in his farewell address. There are so many head in the sand hypocrites that allow their political party to do things they would freak out about when committed by the other party. It is destroying this country. Compromise is the only way in which to run the government.

            What I was questioning is his assertion that we are losing our liberties. I also hear people complain that we’re losing our freedoms. My question is: which ones? I personally haven’t lost any over the last 20 years (in fact I’ve gained a few). So I’m not sure what is meant by it.

          2. I’m sure most of these will get “edited” (censored for fear of the autocrats in town who took these ‘liberties’ because none of these are in legal action and anyone offended is (deleted by Editor) and I’ll produce the records and witnesses that I produced for the NJ State Police Corruption Unit) but here ya go…
            #1- We had OUR public marina food concessions privatized in Belmar
            #2- We had NJ State Laws ignored in the Belmar Zoning
            Board rulings.
            #3- We had former Code Enforcement Officers show favoritism to certain contractors.
            #4- Our tax dollars were given away to a former Mayor for a free project when even a “half-price” discount meet in the middle would have satisfied many.
            #5- (deleted by Editor)
            #6- A former Belmar Mayor threatened a Belmar tavern co-owner to try to get me to stop speaking at council meetings the very same day I received my ABC Permit to work there two years ago this week.
            #7- The country’s oldest First Aid Squad located in Belmar was dismantled as a personal attack for the uncovering of abuse of employees at DPW. Among those were the head of First Aid. An arrest that was later thrown out of court by a judge was also made against the brother of the head of that First Aid organization. In other words law enforcement was weaponized more than once against its citizens by an autocratic regime.
            #8- (deleted by Editor)
            #9- The Flag as well as the grounds of our war dead and fallen Firefighters were continually disrespected.
            The list is long and distinguished. Nationally, we’re no longer a republic but are now a corporate autocracy and if that isn’t obvious then the illusion you have that you possess more liberties now is their conditioning working well on you.
            Sergeant Carter; Being that you use a pseudonym you must have been a Supply Sergeant supplying only discord and BS because the fact that you claim to be a Marine and claim no one you know knows me, and the fact that you haven’t had the courage to use your real name or seek me out makes me strongly believe this. If you are a Jarhead, then you know the old saying, “There are those that make things happen, and those who wonder what happened.” For those of us Veterans in town that made things happen we can only hope that one day you see an orthopedist who can resolve your rectal-cranial inversion issue. SF/MF

          3. Thank you for that list, Mr McEvoy.

            However, none of those items you listed are lost ‘liberties’. They are just a list of examples of alleged gov strong arming and bummers.
            You are not excluded from speaking at meetings. You regularly criticize the government. Privatization of public services is not a reduction in liberties. There are plenty of libertarians that would argue the opposite is true.
            Some liberties we have now, that we didn’t have 20 years ago include same sex marriage and legalization of marijuana. No one lost any liberties over the BFA feud or the incompetence over proper flag procedures. And favoritism among government officials is as old as government itself, so also not a lost liberty.
            Again, I agree with you on your distain for partisan politics, but you haven’t listed a single liberty or right that has been lost.

          4. Mr. McEvoy’s dead; I’m Joe.
            You’re geopolitical comprehension of this pivotal time in history is dead too because the relabeling of corruption as “favoritism” has worked to erode our liberties since “the dawn of government”. This death by a thousand cuts may be too slight with each slash for you to wrap your mind around or even feel as you’re distracted like most of the flock. Please; When the next revolution starts- and it will soon because the pendulum can only swing so far and fast one way until it self corrects as it last did in The Middle Ages- do all the true patriots here a favor and get out of the way when we begin to take it back for even those like you who are safe and secure within your illusion. You can always step up to follow or even lead, but I doubt you’ll figure it out anytime soon so simply stay out of the way and cower and we’ll take care of it. You can thank us by about late 2026 or early 2027 when global events will occur that most of humanity will not be able to comprehend as many timelines converge rapidly for humanity that will not only return hope, but reveal who we truly are as a species and our capabilities within The Collective Conscience and Unified Field.

  8. Real electrical infrastructure upgrade would be running the electric on main street underground to beautify the street rather than looking at all that spaghetti wiring running down main street on all the crooked electric poles. All municipalities with sharp looking main streets have the electrical run underground.

  9. And on another note. . .what’s going on with the emergency services building at 12th and Main? It’s an eyesore in the current condition.

    Now there seems to be a rumor that Belmar EMS and Wall EMS are talking about a merger!

    All this over a personal vendetta between 2 alphas.

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