1. The reason that there are no geese on Lake Como is because Spring Lake culls the flock with help of DEP. They have determined that their residents health is more important than the health of the geese. Belmar should follow suit.

  2. So the Mayor doesn’t think he is rude when he interrupts someone and says 48 seconds…… second the Mayor asked a question the guy started to respond and the Mayor jumped in with something else. Mayor B you were the rude one and you were the one that gets loud every time.

  3. Canada Goose Damage Management information on DEP.NJ website:

    “Lake Communities
    Municipalities, lake associations, and county/town parks may apply to New Jersey Fish and
    Wildlife for a free permit to control Canada goose when the geese are causing a direct threat to
    human health in lakes or ponds that are used for swimming. The permit applicant must submit a
    letter from the state, county or local health department stating that Canada geese are causing the
    health threat by creating conditions conducive to the transmission of pathogens. The permit
    applicant must describe the control method to be used, the agent carrying out the control method,
    agent qualifications and method of disposal or donation of geese. Control techniques under this
    permit can only be exercised during April 1 – August 31. Culled geese may be by donated to
    museums or public institutions for scientific or educational purposes, processed for human
    consumption and subsequent distribution free of charge to charitable organizations, or buried or
    incinerated. Euthanasia must be by means approved by the American Veterinary Medical
    Association Guidelines on Euthanasia. Additional information on the Public Health depredation
    order can be found at:

    For additional assistance on a New Jersey Fish and Wildlife permit contact Kate Szostak at”

  4. Public session starting to look like a sequel to Grumpy Old Men, and that includes the mayor. And of course there’s Staten Island doing what they do, “Don’t worry about it, we’ll take care of it,” like some goose vigilante. Next time I’ll bring some popcorn, what a show!

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