1. 1. My brother-in-law worked 25 years as an elevator repairman for Schindler Elevator Company in Manhattan.
    They serviced all sizes of elevators in old and new buildings/skyscrapers. I told him that the main elevator has been out of service for 15 weeks..will probably by longer due to inspections. He said the length of time repairing the elevator is outrageous.

    2. The commissioners were asked to check out the freight elevator. Ride it. Pull and push the freight elevator door on the different floors. Imagine being 90+ years old / disabled
    struggling with the freight elevator door everyday for 15 weeks and counting. Not one commissioner rode in the freight elevator. That sends a very clear message.. “I don’t care!” The COAST STAR reporter Gianna Mehes got on the elevator with another tenant . The tenant pointed out various elevator problems on different floors. Thank you Gianna for your concern and reporting this in The Coast Star.

    1. You do realize it is not a repair it is removing the old elevator completely and installing new elevator and all new components.

      (It is being defined as an “Elevator Modernization”, Editor.)

      1. Metro Modernization of elevator 4 weeks.
        Delay of this work is due to service repairmen working on site one or two days a week. Perhaps that was part of the contract .

  2. Paul De Santis says the service men are professionals, they don’t need a boss standing over their shoulders. Someone should have been on site overlooking the work in case
    problems arise. There were problems, a supervisor on site, would have addressed the situation immediately.
    In all jobs (except BHA), there are supervisors on site.

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