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Dave posted a message on his blog in November, 2020 saying the he would soon be focusing less on Belmar issues. Here is a link to his post.

Common Sense For New Hampshire › Metamorphosis (commonsenseforbelmar.org)

My name is Sandra Caputo, friends call me Sandy. Most of you know me. I have been recording Council meetings and Board meetings for years and posting them for Dave’s Blog. He has been helping me set this up and he promises to continue to coach me for a while. I could not have done this without his help. I am not trying to take his place, no one could do that. I just promise to do my best. His plan is to maintain his current blog with all the years of information and comments online and available.

Please contact me with anything and everything. I do not think I can do this alone.
I will identify myself in comments as Editor.

The views expressed by the Editor of this blog are hers alone and all costs of maintaining this blog are paid by her alone. Views and opinions of commenters are their own and I do not necessarily endorse their truth or accuracy.

Email to me at editor@thebelmarblog.com

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