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Zoning Board Meeting of January 27, 2022

Zoning Board Agenda for Thursday, January 27, 2022

Booskerdoo Coffee/Bakery postponed until March 24, 2022

Lake Como Council Meeting of January 18, 2022

Drew Huisman will be the new Borough Administrator in Lake Como Louise Mekosh reads her letter at the beginning of the meeting. Then, start listening again at 107 and 1/2 minutes after they return from Executive Session. Scroll down for the Belmar meeting.

Belmar Council Meeting of January 18, 2022

Tuesday Night’s Agenda for January 18, 2022 Council Meeting

This meeting is ZOOM Resolutions Ordinances Seaport Redevelopment Introduction Again   Lake Como Council Meeting – Same night at 7:30 Click here for Zoom Info

Doherty Current Events – Matt is out of AC

Click and travel over to Dave’s Blog for this latest Doherty News

Belmar BOE Meeting and Swearing-In – January 6, 2022

The Swearing-In of Erika Salgado, Jennifer Nicolay and Michele Lomas is first. Sorry about the sound quality. Masks are mandatory in the school. The Superintendent’s report on NJ Start Strong Testing Results starts at 1 hour 40 minutes. Sorry for the screen glare in Superintendent Alvarez’s Start Strong presentation. Click here for the documents in […]

Planning Board Agenda for Monday, January 10, 2022

Postponed until February 14th This meeting will be in person. Photo of property and documentation below. Application is for this house at 303 Tenth Ave to be demolished, the property divided into two lots, with a new single family house on each lot. This is the letter sent to neighboring property owners. Click the document […]

Lake Como Council Meeting of January 4, 2022

A resident commented about the inconvenience of having both Belmar and Lake Como meetings on Tuesdays. Through 2013 Belmar meetings were on Wednesdays and then were changed to Tuesdays in 2014. The new Traffic/Parking ordinance was also brought up.

Belmar Council Meeting of January 4, 2022