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Belmar Council Meeting of May 17, 2022

Tuesday Night’s Agenda for May 17, 2022 Council Meeting

Resolutions 2022-88, 2022-89, 2022-90 Ordinance 2022-10 Revised Shared Services Agreement John Luckenbill Band Contract Click here for the May 13, 2022 Newsletter Belmar Residents Against Overdevelopment Click to see the post and read about the petition

Planning Board Agenda for Monday, May 16, 2021

Application for the Townhouse Project at 807-809 11th Avenue Click for Resolution 2021-99 Newman Ventures Project from the April 20, 2021 council meeting Watch the October 17, 2017 Council meeting to see the first presentation for this project. It is at the beginning of the video. Yes that says 2017

Belmar Residents Against Overdevelopment Petition

Linda Sharkus and John Walsh have started a petition to let the Borough of Belmar know that residents don’t want overdevelopment, especially in residential neighborhoods. Please sign and share, this will be presented to the council this month. Only Belmar residents and property owners should sign. Click the image for more information and/or to sign […]

Zoning Board Agenda for Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Now We Need a ‘Disinformation Governance Board’

Click to read the article on

From the Editor

Comments having anything to do with possible or current litigation with the Borough or anyone else, can be a problem and should not be on this blog. And many commenters know that I do not publish comments with accusations. Please understand. If you do not include your email with a comment, I cannot communicate with […]

Peruse the Annual Debt Statement dated December 31, 2021

Click to open the Document

Belmar Council Meeting of May 3, 2022

Tuesday Night’s Agenda for May 3, 2022 Council Meeting

Revised Agenda Resolutions Revised Click here for the Lake Como Council Meeting Agenda