Doherty Current Events – Matt is out of AC

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3 comments on “Doherty Current Events – Matt is out of AC

  1. I hope a better opportunity came his way from the article it sounds like it may have and wish him well, I choose to spread positive thoughts in this very hateful world.

    Everyone seems to waste their time routing for others to be miserable and enjoying watching others go through difficult times. That is truly a sad way to live might I suggest instead of the constant complaining and hating, you spend your time doing something enjoyable and fulfilling. Take a walk, watch a good movie, read a good book, find something you enjoy and do more of that and less hating.

  2. 19: group rental parking on the horizon?
    The 12th Ave sillies still don’t recognize that all the o!d Mcmansions of yesteryear became Slumlord Group Rentals, rooming houses in the desirable North End too. South End saved by Sandy.

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