1. When does Goose Registration open up.

    Why are we concerned with how many cats and dogs we have. License the geese.

    Why does no one see the hypocrisy here.

    (Deleted by Editor.)

    1. I don’t know if you’d call it hypocrisy. People own cats and dogs. They breed cats and dogs. No one owns the geese. We don’t register squirrels, raccoons, or foxes either. Besides, who would you like to pay for ‘registering the geese’?

      1. What’s the problem with letting cats and dogs run wild? Like the squirrels and the birds.

        Are we worried they might poop and pee?

        1. If geese poop doesn’t have to be picked up, why do we have to pick up doggy doo? Let the dogs poo freely. I could care less if someone sits on poop at the beach.

          It’s science.

  2. Seems like there might be a misunderstanding –

    The Borough’s participation in the Monmouth SPCA’s “TNR—trap-neuter-release” program has nothing to do with anyone’s pets.
    It is simply a program to fix feral cats.
    The program allows for open windows of time to bring a cat to them for the procedure.
    It is very difficult to trap a feral cat by appointment.

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