1. This guy is thee worst. Resign already. What is with these politicians who think they can get away with this stuff. Menendez, Trump, Santos (well he didn’t get away with it), Fattah, Brown, Collins, etc.
    There will be people who vote for Menedez despite the evidence against him. Same goes for Trump. Santos has people pay him to speak even though he is a pathological liar who needs psychiatric help. It’s up to us voters to put hold these people accountable.

      1. Haha. Oops, you’re one of those sycophants on the right and the left that allows their guy to commit crimes but has a tantrum when the other guy commits crimes. You’re no better than the ****** who still support Menedez. In fact, you’re exactly the same.

          1. ************* and 5 counts of business fraud. Those are just the convictions. There are still several pending cases. Oh and all the less interesting, but still very relevant, lawsuits he has lost, like Trump U, his ‘not for profit’, etc etc.
            I wouldn’t let that spray tanned weirdo mow my lawn.

    1. It was blocked out by the admin, but Trump WAS convicted by a jury of his peers. Perhaps if I word the conviction differently, it was ‘unwanted physical assault’.
      Additionally, the crack Trump legal team ASKED for a bench trial in the fraud case. That’s when you ask that there be no jury and let the judge decide. They are very common. And in the American judicial system, if you are convicted after a bench trial, it is, in fact, a conviction. Your hair splitting is impressive and I admire how much you willing to twist yourself up for your idle, but he was convicted of crimes. Trump supporters (and Menendez supporters) are incredibly suggestible with brains like sieves through which the truth falls.

        1. Hahaha. Omg I am soooo sorry for offending you with facts that you don’t like. How ‘vicious’ of me.

    1. Worst posts. Please elaborate. And, as Joe D says, you are under no obligation to spend any time on it. This Blog provides videos of all Belmar government meetings. It provides insight into the civic discourse that affects us all. The comments are no better or worse than any other blog or social media site. It’s all just personal opinion.

        1. With that logic, there is ‘no need’ for most things. I have a phone, no need for a watch. We have an oven, no need for a toaster. We have the network news, no need for the 78 other news channels.

          The good news for you is that you never have to visit this site. But for some reason you do anyway. Which says more about you than it does about this Blog.

          1. See this is what I come for, the comic relief of it all. And all of the things you listed were completely irrelevant to the situation at hand. Once this blog was needed, meetings were never available, now they are. Times they do change….

          2. Again, I’ll write slowly for you, you are under no obligation to visit this blog. It is a voluntary act. If you do not like what you read here on this forum, you do not have to visit.

            I’m at a loss to understand why that is so difficult for you to comprehend.

            This blog is not ‘needed’. The only things in life that are ‘needed’ are: air, water, food, shelter. Maybe a safe place to expel waste. Everything else is entertainment. TV, music, social media, fancy restaurants, car washes, etc etc. All just for our amusement, none of it ‘needed’.

            If it makes you upset, don’t log in. I don’t know what else to tell you so I’ll just hope you figure it out by yourself.

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