1. Hey Phil. Please stop taking my money and wasting it on this crap. People can’t afford food and this is what you think of at night? Go away

      1. Hey Anon
        The renovations to all the rest stops is what is costing money. And that was decreed during the Christie administration. Renaming them after famous New Jersians (the Turnpike already did that decades ago) doesn’t cost much.
        Additionally, Murphy has increased gov support for those who cannot ‘afford food’.
        So, I think you’re actually mad at the wrong Governor.

        (Deleted by Editor)

        1. “Oh Great Corrector of The Blog” with their infinite political wisdom who corrects everything that triggers them with their feelings and their perceived truths, closely followed by lack of accurate historical reference most every damn time. The Turnpike did it long after the famous New Jerseyans or New Jerseyites were dead to honor them; So, first of all, it’s not New “Jersians”. Now Governor Murphy names them after those who are basically celebrity donors or ones he’d like to be to the party before his reign ends. He’s the kind of sociopathic greedster who probably hopes before Bruce Willis dies shortly he’ll add the DNC in his will.
          The Republicans started naming aircraft carriers after people that were still alive awhile ago as well. It’s all part of the “Uniparty” narcissism money train and the programming, and you’re once again proving you’re the most programmed and opinionated @$$#o(& here who never seems to have all the facts.
          Lately you’ve gone after Mr. Creamer who has saved this town hours of headaches with his diligent research, and of course you’ll soon be triggered once again by Mr. Dilberger who has every right to be angry with his country. You’ve single-handedly lowered The Blog from being a place where even our local elected leaders used to answer or comment and have made it all about you. Go away; You’re $#!* stinks the most here and your ego doesn’t need to be all over our lawns every week like the Canada Geese, or as you probably call them “Canadian” Geese. Put your name on your comments because not being able to spell New Jerseyan gives you away as a know-it-all transplant who just got here. Don’t lie and come back and tell us you’re a native to Belmar and get personal with me unless you tell us who you are. You won’t though, and it’s because we all know your name recognition and time lived here would betray your weak character and that you simply like to bully. It must really make you triggered when you see me out and can’t tell me what you think of me to my face for fear of revealing yourself. Others here stay anonymous for good reasons and I get it. In fact you’re now the single biggest reason most won’t even engage here! You’re simply an abuser. When you heard that writing could be used as part of a cathartic healing process, whomever told you that meant “journaling”. Go away!

  1. Public structures should only be named after military who have died in their wars or after police and firemen who have died in the line of duty, not celebrities and political hacks.

    1. Military bases, war ships, schools, government buildings etc yes, they should be named after military folks.
      Highway bathrooms? I think that’s ok to name after famous New Jerseyans.
      Even celebrities that are still alive
      and contribute money to the DNC, like Larry Doby, Frank Sinatra, Celia Cruz, and James Gandolfini. 😀

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