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Monthly Archives: October 2021

Meet the New School Superintendent

Bernie is Coming to New Jersey

That Lake Como Outflow Pipe – Going back to 2017

This is the letter that Dave links to in his comment. The TAPinto Story from 2019 Common Sense for Belmar 2019 Post-Who Knew What and When?

Board of Education Candidates Discuss the Issues

Council Candidates Forum October 21, 2021 – Watch the Video

Thank you to TAPinto and the LWV for hosting this Live event. Read the Accompanying TAPinto Article here.

Council Meeting of October 19, 2021

Tuesday Night’s Agenda for October 19, 2021 Council Meeting

Resolutions Ordinances Supplemental Debt Statement

Zoning Board Meeting of October 14, 2021 – Belmar Inn

The 10 minute break has been edited out. This application is scheduled to continue on December 16th.

Zoom Forum with the Council Candidates – October 21, 2021

Follow the Link in the TAPinto Article to register and submit questions for the Candidates.

Another Write-In Candidate for our Board of Education