Belmar Council Meeting of September 12, 2023

Sorry, there was trouble with my camera tonight,
this is the Borough recording.


  1. The so called “Mayor” is an embarrassment. He should attend the ****** ** ******* bullying class.

    (Asterisks are mine, Editor.)

  2. Some interesting points last night. There was the fireman (in uniform) who beefed about the wiring in the fire house. Then there some guy who got into it with the mayor about something. But the winner was some female of our species who went on a long monologue, something to do with helping people I think. Lastly, the mayor still doesn’t understand the ins and outs of leading a meeting.

  3. The fact that there is such a disconnect between the Boro Administration and the Fire Company is very concerning.
    And needs to be addressed and I am glad same was done in a public forum so we all understand what is going on.
    You have to laugh that the Mayor’s response was this should be done behind closed doors what happened to the transparency he ran on?????????? For all of our safety everyone’s egos need to be put aside and get some order and communication, if there is an emergency or another Superstorm Sandy we need the borough to be working hand and hand not fighting itself. The Mayor is really rude for no reason and has next to no patience. He does not listen to what people are saying and he doesn’t give them a chance to speak. It’s sad. Communication is key especially in a position like his and in order to understand people sometimes you should listen to them. Hopefully he is a one and done Mayor.

    1. The issue is with one fire company. There are three. That firehouse has been in disrepair for decades. Funny how it’s only an issue now. The maintenance and repair of all boro buildings is the responsibility of the Director of public works. Why is he not involved in this? I’m betting that work there will begin shortly. It can’t be left the way it is.

  4. The lack of civility at these meetings parallels was we see in National politics, however, this is a small town and the lack of civility, both from the Mayor and from some of those that get up to the podium is upsetting. Someone has to be the adult in the room. Our Mayor needs some lessons in people skills. Our BA clearly demonstrates either a lack of civility or an arrogance towards the citizens of this town or both. It seems to be a common thread, be it minor or major issues. We must do better.

    1. The BA is terrible and if you look at his resume he jumps for political favor high paying jobs to the next, he doesnt stay anywhere for very long which is telling. On top of the fact he is the Mayor in Freehold— do you really think he cares or has the time for his position in Belmar. No wonder nothing can get done.

  5. We don’t do well with mayors. One of them ******* * **** and wanted to put a bathroom in Doughboy Park. Another’s high point of his life was graduating Georgetown U. and the last, his crowning achievement was sitting in a car for 20+ years and ******* ******* and then hiring all sorts of people with the same credentials. Now this guy.
    “You mustn’t be discouraged, there’s always one step further down we can go”
    Don’t vote

    (Asterisks are mine, editor.)

  6. Ed is still alive and well in this town and it’s clear that only FsOE are engaged here. That’s all the transparency anyone should need.

  7. “the Mayor’s response was this should be done behind closed doors”
    Sure seems like their keeping secrets from the people.
    ” Someone has to be the adult in the room”
    I don’t think that is helpful. But I do admit that the mayor needs to get a copy of “Robert’s rules of Order” and study it a bit.

  8. Why a closed door executive session? What happened to transparency?

    When meetings like this happen, it can’t be anything that is good for the town.

    How can we find out what’s going on?

    1. Executive sessions happen all the time with all administrations. It is frustrating (Doherty used them like paper towels) but they are a part of the rules.

  9. Unpopular opinion…It seems kind of crazy to sink a bunch of money into a firehouse that is planned to be sold and demolished in a few years once the new 12th ave building is up and running. Maybe the fact that the administration is planning on redoing this electrical is a signal that there are environmental problems with the 12th ave site that is putting the plan in jeopardy.

  10. To the person asking questions about L St. beach closure, who told you the owner of the boat filled up his gas tank and didn’t pay? You can’t start the pumps at gas dock without a credit card, as far as the beach closure it was closed as a safety precaution until they could remove the boat from beach at low tide, yes an inconvenience to the people that use the beach but better than a child being injured swimming near it.

    1. That person asking about L Street is Belmar’s Republican candidate for council this November. Not quite sure what his agenda was with this line of questioning, for an event that happened months ago. But as someone else stated, he didn’t do himself any favors, carrying on and acting the way he did. I never heard of this guy, never heard him speak, but as a first impression, it’s not a very good one.

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