1. Now that Menendez is in trouble and Matt needs a job, it turns out to be a good thing that he got fired. I can just see it now – Senator Doherty!

  2. Out of curiosity. Why aren’t the republicans condemning the DOJ for indicting Menendez? Why isn’t Jim “Ohio State wrestling scandal” Jordan demanding to see all the files on the case? Is it because the DOJ is weaponized when they indict a Republican but it’s all good when they indict a democrat?
    Democrats are, for the most part, calling for Menendez to resign. They are not bashing the DOJ and crying like spoiled children.

    Can any of my Republican friends explain that to me? I am dying to know how you spin this blatant hypocrisy.

      1. I’m not asking CNN OR the Belmar Blog. I’m asking republicans. Just wondering how a segment of voters who claim to be for law and order, personal responsibility, and truth and honesty can live in such glaring hypocrisy. I’m a centrist dem. I thought Menendez should’ve been convicted last time, this time I want him to resign from the senate. I am not going to send death threats to the prosecutor. I’m not going to argue that the DOJ is being weaponized. I would not defend democrat leaders in congress as they attack law enforcement rather than the person accused of fraud.
        So why, and this is a serious question, are republicans (not all but a significant amount) attacking the justice department and defending the Donald? Some of Trumps charges are actually worse than Menedez. And the latest one from yesterday show that Trump inc has been defrauding banks for years.
        This the exact same DOJ we are talking about. So, anyone who is a proud republican voter, please explain to me how you explain such blatant hypocrisy. Or explain to me how it isn’t, in your view, hypocrisy. Perhaps you, janitor man, since you tried to tie this to CNN (for some reason), perhaps you could take a stab at explaining why it’s ok for one politician to commit crimes but not for another.
        I am all ears.

        1. I didn’t think so. I guess there is no justification. Just good old fashioned hypocrisy. I don’t think I would be able to sleep at night.

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