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Veterans Day Ceremony on Friday, November 10th, Monument Row on Main Street –


    1. Bingo – that’s the $64 dollar question. My guess is the so-called “leadership” of this town has other plans for the weekend and can’t be bothered to be at the ceremony on the correct day.

        1. Is it sad because even though we don’t know the reason that it is being held on the 10th, we are jumping to conclusions and blaming the mayor?
          Here’s a novel idea. Let’s find out why something happened BEFORE we start to complain. Huh? How about that? Too much to ask?

    2. Well let’s see, we don’t have our St Patrick’s day parade on St Patrick’s day. We don’t light our Christmas tree on Christmas. We don’t have our 4th of July fireworks on the 4th of July.
      Perhaps, since Veterans Day is on a Saturday, many of those who would participate in various events around the state would not be able to make it to Belmar’s service. So they have it on the day before. Toms River does a huge parade on Saturday (in 2017 they moved it to a Monday because the 11th fell on a Saturday and the school bands couldn’t make it), so maybe too many of the folks that would be at the Belmar service also needed to be in Toms River or elsewhere.
      I know that takes more thought and consideration than just blaming someone without all the facts, but maybe that’s what happened.

    1. Joan never said ‘poor leadership’, so I don’t know what you’re agreeing with.
      She posed a question. A question to which none of the commenters knows the answer.

      1. Speculation above.
        I said I agree with Joan’s comment.
        I never said she said poor leadership, that’s my comment.
        I think you like to hear yourself type.
        Maybe more people that are off from work today would have liked to attend Belmar’s service if it was held today.
        Have a good day

        1. Joan didn’t make a comment to agree with. She asked a question. A comment is a statement, a question is a question. Perhaps if Joan said, “Veterans Day is on the 11th, this mayor and council are so **** they’re holding on the 10th”. Then a response of, “I agree Joan. Poor leadership”, would’ve been appropriate. In the English language we don’t respond to questions with “I agree”.
          Example: “does anyone know if it is supposed to rain tomorrow?”
          Answer: “I agree”.
          See? It doesn’t work.
          Throw in “I agree. Poor leadership”, and it really becomes nonsense.

          Because you don’t even know why the ceremony was held on the 10th, claiming poor leadership as a cause is disingenuous.
          I can’t hear myself type, I use a phone. But I do enjoy the sound of pointing out when people are being phony.

          1. Questions above.
            I’m convinced you have too much time on your hands. You obviously need a life. How about joining the military.
            Have a good day

          2. Language is important. I’m sure you would agree. I think you were just looking for an excuse to be mad at the mayor. I pointed it out, and now you’re mad at me. I’m fine with it, as long as it helps you become aware of your misplaced aggression.

            I actually don’t have a lot of time on my hands, but I don’t watch TV or play around on social media so I like to read. My family has lost more than their share on the battle fields of Europe (WW2) and Vietnam, no way my mother was gonna let me join the military. She figures dues were paid in full. Also I’m a bit long in the tooth for that. But thanks for the suggestion.

  1. I am inviting everyone to attend the services at the NJ Vietnam Memorial. Have you ever visited? It’s right there on the Parkway. Exit 116. You probably passed it a hundred times.


    There will be about 400 Vietnam veterans attending.

    We may not have been the greatest generation but WE WERE THE GREATEST OF OUR GENERATION.

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